Tribal Festival

Kinanur is a small town that is located in Himachal Pradesh. Thousands of visitors come to visit this place every year, to enjoy the scenic beauty of this land. Here hundreds of tribal communities celebrate different types of festivals and thank God for this wonderful life. They dress up in a remarkable manner in their ethnic outfit, and celebrate together though dance, music, and cooking delicious food.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

The tribal festival is usually organized for 5 days, which is held in the month of October and November. The tribal groups from different parts of the region participate in the dance program and organize different types of cultural activities.

Description About Tribal Festival

Pre-Lavi is a festival that is organized with an intention of exhibiting the talent of the people of this place. It is the best medium to exhibit the rich tradition and cultural practices of this land. People dance and enjoy their life. Such a program is also organized with an intention of promoting tourism in the State. There are lots of stalls that are put up here, where the rich handicrafts and other craft materials are exhibited. Some of them are Kinnauri shawls, wool, dry fruits, apples, and apricot oil.

The tribal people are farmers, and they actively participate in such programs. The inhabitants get an opportunity to exhibit their tradition and also earn income out of the festival. Buyers can have a look at the traditional outfits and can also purchase them from the stall. The best thing about these tribal people is that they are farmers and believe in doing organic farming, and thus exhibit them during this festival. This program is organized every year and has contributed a lot in the promotion of tourism of the state.

This festival has been celebrated since 1994, and is organized in Reckong Peo. Due to its popularity this festival has been declared as the State festival, where people actively participate. The festival is celebrated under different names like Phulaich Utsav, Janjatiya Utsav, as well as Tribal Festival.

Local people gather together to sell their bets handmade crafts and earn good income from them. The management ensures to organize the program in the better manner, so every tourist can enjoy the act. The whole idea of participating in such program is to spread integrity and brotherhood.

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