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Nightlife In Himachal Pradesh

Being one among the most popular states for tourism, Himachal Pradesh has countless tourist attractions. Even though it has a limited number of night clubs, the ones that exist are quality ones. Nightclubs are places designed for entertainment and amusement, and they are mostly open till late night. The distinguishing factors separating night clubs from pubs, bars, taverns are dance floors, usually operated by a Disc Jockey (DJ). The DJ is in charge of making people dance to the tune of the music being played, which ranges from disco, rock, R&B, electronic, pop, disco, reggae, hip hop, et al.

Sometimes night clubs have live bands playing for the audiences but usually there is a DJ playing a blend of different songs with the help of a potent PA system. Quite often, these clubs or other places having club nights dedicate the music being played to a particular genre.

Here are few of the more popular clubs in Himachal Pradesh:

Kasauli Club

Located on the Indian Army grounds, Kasauli Chub holds the honour of being among the most esteemed social clubs in India. Club membership here is so sought after and in demand that there is an average waiting period of 15 years. An Indian Army Officer is designated the position of the Club Secretary, with civilians forming the rest of the staff. The founders of the club were English, who established this club way back in the British era as a summer retreat that was both accessible and relaxing. In accordance with the kind of architecture typical to hilly regions, most of the construction work was done with long-dried wood. However, the old architecture was destroyed a few years back when en electric malfunction led to a fire that burned most parts of the club. Ever since, an enhanced new wood setup has replaced the old structure, with a grand interior design and intricate finish.

Swimming, billiards, a squash court, two tennis courts, an outdoor garden and bridge and card rooms are some of the recreational facilities offered by the club. The building’s interior is styled according to the British era architecture and instantly makes one reminiscent of the British art and culture. Every May and June, Kasauli Nights are celebrated by the club- an ongoing tradition since its establishment. It also plays host to parties with officers of Dagshai and Subathu cantonments.


Members can avail accommodation in the club. Non members can easily check into one of the many good hotels Kasauli has to offer, complete with facilities such as television, air conditioner, geysers, internet, restaurant, cabs, tourist guides, et al. A majority of these hotels face the valley.

Club Timings

The club remains open on all seven days of the week. At the same time, each employee or staff member hired by the club gets a day off every week, thanks to the rotational system put in practice by the secretary. Days of duty and hours of work are spread out in a hassle free manner by the Secretary, so as to ensure proper running.

Neugal Cafe

Managed by the Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh, Neugal Cafe is a famous and beautiful picnic spot. Visitors can get a fairly decent view of the Neugal Khud landscape and the Dhauladhar range. With an assurance that the visitors will have a great time, the restaurant provides great food. While the region is pleasing through the entire year, it is at its thunderous best during the monsoons. It is situated close to 3 km away from the hill town of Palampur.

Crossing wonderful tea gardens on the way to the Neugal Hotel and witnessing striking sights of the Dhauladhar add to its charm.

Palampur derives its name from the word ‘pulum’- which translates to abundant water in local parlance. Living up to its name, Palampur sees endless streams of water running zigzag, giving more strength of definition to the valley. These streams interconnect to aid flourishing rice fields and tea gardens. Palampur became a tea plantation hub when tea plantations were set up in the 19th century. Produced in the heart of Palampur, Kangra tea is world renowned and much in demand for its unique flavour.

Club Mahindra Kangra Valley Rooms

Club Mahindra Kangra Valley resort and rooms offer a pleasant stay, along with the very best of Dharmashala. City folk seek solace in the soothing folds of this peaceful valley, and Club Mahindra Valley resort- situated along deep coniferous forests- provides just the right escape from all the hustle bustle. Fantastic views like wooded mountain slopes leading to snow-capped peaks on one side and the picturesque landscape of the valley of Kangra on the other make for a soul-enriching experience.


The resort is on the Palampur road, at a distance of 5 km from the city of Dharmashala. It is nestled in the foothills of Dhauladhar Mountains. As far as sightseeing goes, the main attractions are: Aghanjar Mahadev Temple Trek (08 km), Triund and Ilaka Trek (30 km), Baijnath Shiva Temple and Art Gallery (150 km), St. John Church (45 km), Pong Dam (150 km), Baba Baroh Temple (140 km).


The USP of Club Mahindra Kangra Valley resort is an innovative intermingling of the Tibetan way of life with colonial culture. Add the signature tea gardens and beautiful temples, and your Dharmashala visit turns into an unforgettable experience. Authentic local cuisine offered by The Dhauladhar restaurant and lounge, along with excellent seating, make it a must-visit. Part of the resort, the restaurant runs from 07:30 am to 10:30 pm while The Lounge Bar aka ‘The Breeze’ runs from 12:30 pm to 10 am.


The cozy and comfortable apartments, built chalet-style, make for an enjoyable staying experience. They offer stunning views of the mountains. The studio apartment has a capacity of three adults. Couples can enjoy the privacy the apartment offers. It is perfectly suited for three-member families too.

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