Activities in Himachal Pradesh

Outdoor activities always fascinate tourists in a certain place, and especially when it comes to semi natural or natural recreation, they are the most preferable among the visitors. Examples of such activities include photography, rock climbing, surfing, kayaking, fishing, horseback, skiing, mountaineering, caving, adventure parks, sailing, running, backpacking, racing, canoeing and hiking. These outdoor recreations are normally helpful for the sport teams to conduct practice sessions there.

Adventure Racing

Adventure racing comprises of two or more fortitude disciplines, normally consisting of navigation and/or orienteering, mountain biking, climbing, cross country and paddling along with associated rope skills. The venture duration might be of ten or more days whereas races can be finished in a couple of hours. Enthusiasts will never experience any sort of suspension of time during the races, apart from their lengths; passed competition time is calculated according to the real time due to which, it is important for the racers to select when to rest.


Tourists who want to see the natural beauty and attractions of Himachal Pradesh prefer to embark for some popular adventurous sports of the state. Among these activities, mountain cycling is the best to do in Himachal Pradesh.


Camping is another famous recreation in Himachal Pradesh that is offered in a number of serene and enchanting places. Camping is really comfortable enjoyable and relaxing in this state. It allows tourists to enjoy every single moment away from their busy and hectic life style. People will find various camping sites throughout the Himachal Pradesh. These state sites provide catering, tented accommodations and several adventure such as fishing, wildlife tours, trekking, hikes and river rafting.

Horse Safari

Himachal Pradesh is provided with a number of sources through which, one can discover new territories in the state. On elephant backs, on foot, a camel, astride and in a vehicle, are some of the most famous ways to explore it. Though, there will be no alternative of horse safari, particularly when you are visiting India. This is a country where almost every monarch has conquered the lands on horsebacks, and the similar experience of importance and grandeur can be obtained easily from trusted genial landscapes and thoroughbreds.


The art of pursuing living organisms especially feral animals, or wildlife by humans is referred to as hunting. People attempt to hunt these creatures so that they can trade them, recreate or to obtain food. Animals can also hunt other species of animals, which is generally named predation. Nowadays, lawful hunting is completely different from poaching that refers to the trapping, capturing or killing of the species. The government of Himachal Pradesh has given permission to hunt certain species of animals including non migratory or migratory birds and mammals.

Adventure Park

In the adventure park of Himachal Pradesh, visitors are allowed in increase or decrease the difficulty levels in every trail. All trails consist of a number of trees or poles which are associated with various zip lines or acrobatic elements. For the protection of visitors, belay systems are needed for high trails/elements.


Rock climbing is the most adventurous activity in Himachal Pradesh. The participants climb the rocks up, down or around natural or artificial rocky formations. Their objective is to go to their peak or endpoints of pre defined routes without falling. In order to be successful in rock climbing, it is important to get back to the base safely so that you can avoid accidents because of their length and extensive endurance, certainly on large multiple pitches (multi day grades IV-VI climbs and/or class III-IV).


  • Check the harness
  • Make sure properly tied knots
  • Always wear helmet
  • Climb with a longer rope
  • Use safe anchors

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Activities In Himachal Pradesh
Activities In Himachal Pradesh
Activities In Himachal Pradesh
Activities In Himachal Pradesh
Activities In Himachal Pradesh
Activities In Himachal Pradesh

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