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Karwa Chauth Festival Himachal Pradesh

Nature’s paradise on earth, this term is often used for describing the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of this place is complete with gurgling streams, snow clad peaks, grand valleys and lush green hills. This is a place that is still far from the encroachment of the modern technology. Himachal Pradesh is a popular tourist destination in India and world over. But what really attracts tourist to this destination each time is not just the beauty of this place, but the way the locals live their life with greatest simplicity coloured with the ongoing celebrations of the region.The celebrations that take place in Himachal Pradesh all the year round have both social and religious meaning to it. One of the truly famous Indian festivals Karwa Chauth is celebrated

in Himachal Pradesh with great pomp and show. This festival is celebrated by the women of the community who are married. They have to stay on fasting for the entire day for ensuring welfare, success and long life of their husbands.

Month of The celebration of This Festival

The Karwa Chauth Festival of Himachal Pradesh is celebrated 9 days before the famous festival of Diwali- or the festival of lights. This day is famously known in Hindi as Kartik ki Chauth. It is actually the fourth day of the dark moon.

Description About Karwa Chauth Festival of Himachal Pradesh

The celebrations on Karwa Chauth in Himachal Pradesh begin from the early morning. The women folk here have to take bath and wear new clothes and jewelry before sunrise. They have to eat a meal consisting of grains and fruits. This meal is known as “Sargi” and is given to the women by the elder women folk of the community. For the remaining part of the day they have to remain without food and water. Nowadays, the practice of strictly not eating food and water throughout the day has been altered. The women fasting on this day offer their prayers to the Hindu God and Goddess Shiva and Parvati.

The prayers offered on this special festival day are done with the motive of seeking blessings from the God, to let them enjoy successful married lives. The women dress-up and gather in the afternoon in the neighbourhood for a prayer. Together they recite the popular story on the Karwa Chauth. It is during this time that married women wear the finest of clothes in the colour of red or pink and bright, stunning jewelry. After the prayer and story recitation is over the women together wait for the moon rise. When the moon rises on the sky, the women offer prayers to seek blessings for their husband and married life.

The women have to offer water to the moon for 16 times. The story of Karwa Chauth is recited to the ladies of the neighbourhood by the elderly women of the group. All the daughter-in-laws have to offer a pot filled with rice to their mother-in-law. After all the rituals are complete the women can break their fast taking first sip of the holy water. Unmarried girls can also keep a fast during this day if they want to get blessings for a good husband and family.

\As stated earlier, the fast of Karwa Chauth is kept by married Hindu women for the long life and welfare of their husbands. But, the origin of this festival was based on a sweet and noble idea. In the past, in India girls were married off at young age. They were to leave off for their in-laws place right after marriage in other village far away from the parent’s house. if the girl ever had problem, then there would be no one to talk to or seek help.T

herefore, the marriages always followed a custom of the girl befriending another woman of the village to share her joys and sorrows with. The friendly relation would be sanctified with a Hindu ritual. This way, the two women became, god-sisters or gd-friends and they could never cheat upon each other. This relation was looked up as the most sacred relation established by god.

The karwa chauth festival was developed to celebrate the relationship of the god sisters and new brides. Praying and fasting for husband was developed later on. This mythical tale was woven in to enhance the celebrations among the crowd and make the relationship more logical.

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