With administrative headquarters in Dharmshala, Kangra is the most populous city of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh (HP). Situated in the Western Himalayas at an elevation of 733 metres, Kangra occupies the geographical area of 5,739 square kilo metres. Earlier name of Kangra was Nagarkot which had many forts and temples. Several temples and forts along with temple of Devi Vajreshwari were destroyed by earthquakes which hit Kangra in the past. Bener river, Majhi river and Beas river are important rivers in Kangra. Kangra valley is one of the most beautiful, lush green and flourishing valleys of lower Himalayas that lies within the sublime Dhauladhar range. Native language of Kangri people is Kangri that is similar to Punjabi, another language spoken in Punjab state of North India. Millions of visitors visit Kangra every year due to its natural beauty and tea gardens.  Temperature of Kangra varies with the location and temperature remains about 10- 22 degree Celsius with semi-humid environment. Dharmshala is the most humid place in Kangra. Annual rainfall remains in between 1800-3000 mm.

Kangra Fort and Mcleodganj are famous tourist attractions in Kangra along with several famous temples.

Kangra Tea

Tea has been the speciality of Kangra from times, the tea leaf of Kangra has been recognised as a distinct origin. The tea which is grown in Kangra comprises China-hybrid tea bushes. Lower slopes of Dhauldhar range are ideal for growing tea and tea plantation in Kangra was started in 1852.

R&D services of the Institute of Himalayan Bio-resource Technology (IHBT) at Palampur, Kangra has a great role in enhancing the quality of tea produced in Kangra. It also helps educating tea-growers in Kangra.

Apart from tea, Kangra is famous for its art and craft like exquisitely designed shawls and miniature paintings which hold a great importance in the eyes of all art lovers.

Places to See in Kangra

Kangra is full of religious air with a touch of nature. You can witness the beauty of nature in Kangra and there are a number of places to be visited. Some of them are presented below:

  • Kangra Fort: Kangra Fort is about 3 kilometres from Kangratown. The town has its own historical importance as thus is also known as Nagaakot. Its large size, and its structural beauty makes it different from other sites.
  • Chamunda Devi Temple: This temple is just 24 kilometres from Kangra and is famous for a cave like scoop with a stone that represents the symbol of Lord Shiva.
  • Masroor rock-cut temples: Masroor rock cut temple is 38 kilometres from Kangra town and they consist of15 rock-cut temples in Indo-Aryan style.
  • Brijnath temple: The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is built in shikhara style and is a fine combination of sculpture and architecture. It is located 54 kilometres from Kangra.
  • Maharana Pratap Sagar: This pong lake is named after the great warrior Maharana Pratap and is located at an altitude of 450 metres above sea level 52 kilometres away from Kangra town.
  • Shaktipeeth Jwalamukhi temple: Situated 35 km from Kangra, this town consists of a flame that is considered as the symbol of “Goddess of Light.”

Dehra Gopipur, Bajrajeshwari Devi temple, Taragarh Palace hotel and Nadaun are some of the other tourist attractions in Kangra.

Kangra Cuisine

Indian food is the combination of flavours and regional cuisines influenced by over a 5000 year history of various groups and cultures interacting with each other and Kangra is not an exception. Kangra has a variety of foods which include channa madra, pahari foods such as khatta, kaali daal, masala fried ohra and Aloo palda. When you will visit Kangra, You will find plenty of restaurants and dhabas with almost all kinds of food.

Where and What to Shop in Kangra

Dev Bhoomi Shopping Mall near the bus stand of Kangra is one of the great shopping sites in Kangra. Apart from this, there are supermarkets, and plenty of shops in Kangra where you can buy anything of your choice. Arts and crafts lovers come here to buy art pieces. Crafts such as designed shawls and miniature paintings are attraction for everyone.

Climate and Best time to Visit Kangra

Kangra has good weather all around the year. But best season to visit Kangra is from September to June.

  • Winter: Winter in Kangra is extremely chilly and the temperature at winter ranges from 0 to 20 degrees Celsius. The snowfall is frequent in Kangra during the winters.
  • Summer: Summer temperature ranges from 25 to 38 degrees Celsius and the summers are comfortable.
  • Monsoons: The city of Kangra witnesses mild rainfall. The average annual rainfall recorded in the city of Kangra is between 1800-3000 m.

You will spot snow capped hilly areas from December to February.

Trekking in the hilly terrains can be done in March to June.

One can visit sights, temple and can perform outing in September to November.

Indoor activities can be done July and August.

How to Reach Kangra

By Air

TheGaggal airport is the nearest operational airport in order travel to Kangra which is situated just thirteenkilometresfrom the beautiful hilly town of Kangra.  There are some other airports which are at Chandigarh, Delhi, Jammu and Amritsar. There are also public vehicles like buses and cabs available to go toKangra from the Airport.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Kangra is at Pathankot which is about 90 km from Kangra. Taxi services are available from Pathankot to Kangra at a fare of about Rs 1,000. Connectivity by trains is good.

By Bus

Bus service to Kangra from neighbouring towns is excellent. There are various Government run buses which connect Kangra with all the neighbouring cities. Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation and Punjab Roadways are the main transport providers to Kangra.

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