Lohadi Festival

Himachal Pradesh is the beauty queen of India. Set amidst the Himalayas, the scenario is completely sketched with beauty and grandeur. However, it is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for the hospitality of its beautiful people and the lively festivals which are celebrated due to the wide cultural variations. Different regions of the Himchal are occupied by different native tribe. Thus, a number of festivals and celebrations take place at different times.

Amongst these festivals some are celebrated with huge pomp and show, attracting more tourists. The colors and flavors are things to see. Moreover various traditional native practices surface during this time.

The culture of Himchal is still unchanged. Every root of their tradition and culture can still be found in place. It consists of fairs and festivals mostly. Lohadi is one of the most widely
celebrated festivals in various regions of himachal. This is mainly celebrated by local farmers of the region.

In every society the farmers plays a major role. They are the ones who are responsible for the growth of Annapurna or in other words food. Since, according to Hindu mythology Annapurna is the goddess of annaor food, tributes needs to be paid to her. Almost all states have their own way of doing so. A farmer in Himachal celebrates the festival of crop that is Lohadi. Without blessing of God nothing can be progressed that is the belief of the people. Thus the festival of crops or Lohadi is celebrated to offer praying to the god in advance so that they may bless the next upcoming crop season and the productivity may flourish.

Month Of Celebration For The festival

Before celebrating Lohadi certain customs are followed by the ones who wish to be a part of it. A month before the festival people sing certain specific songs while doing a going round and round around various houses in the village or locality.This takes pace at the end of Pausha according to Hindu calendar that is the beginning of the winter in other words. This can also besaid as the winter fair of the Himachalis. Various religious as well as tribal songs are also sung by the farmers in order to charm the gods and present them some recreation.

Description About Lohadi

The enchanting song that is sung by the local people or the farmers specially has been given a definite local name. The song of Lohadi festival is call the “lokhadiyan”. This is chanted by each individual who walks around the circumference of the various houses in the villages. This festival is quite popular and is celebrated in every household of Himachal Pradesh.

People who decide to undertake this custom generally visit various villages scattered all over Himchal. Habitants of the village accept this lokhadiyan singer gracefully and treat them with utmost care. They also offer certain gifts or grains at every household which they visit. At the end of the thirty day tradition the day of Lohadi arrives.

The customs followed on the night of the Lohadi festival might remind of various cave traditions which were followed once. Generally a leela or a traditional act takes place. In this act a young boy sings various songs of the jungles considering them to be the deer and thus these songs are called the deer songs. Another boy dresses up himself as a young deer or “hareen” and enacts whatever is said via the song. The backdrop of this act is provided by the beautiful and small bonfires made and lit in every house. The act continues all night long. Sesame, radishes, jiggery and rice are put into the fire to increase its strength. Babru a local mouth watering dish is prepared at every home along with other marvellous sweets and food items. The next day after Lohadi brings in maker sankrantai during which the native girls tunes to the rajde songs. Kichadi is must for that day and is prepared at every home. Married girls are invited by their parents specially to attend this occasion. Some offerings are also done in the name of the ancestors.

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