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Never ending mountain ranges , welcoming orchids and apple plantations, snow caped mountains, the sight of River Beas, adventure trekkers, home for several species of flora and fauna, eye catching monuments – all this and more is in one Place – The Himachal Pradesh State of India. Heaven is indeed here.

Then entire state has something to offer something to everyone and no one will be bored visiting this place again and again. There are countless mountain ranges and peaks for trekkers to explore feel at the top of the world. Himachal Pradesh is the most appropriate destination for a relaxed holiday with family and friends.

Thought it is relatively a cold place, it is very friendly and accommodation at all seasons  The countryside of Himachal Pradesh will amaze you with its rich culture, art and heritage while to city sides offers unique, one of its kinds services to tourist from around the globe. Shimal, Manali are two places familiar to everyone living in this planet.

Snow-capped mountain peaks, the lush and ever green forests, the thick plantations of orchards, red and green apple, the fresh early morning drizzle, fragrances of local food in the air- all this is abundantly found and felt in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Statistics and Records

  • Himachal Pradesh’s Tourism department has been the most successful tourism department of the country in 2010.
  • Himachal Pradesh is visited by an astonishing1.32 crores tourists in 2010, 1.14 crores in 2009, which is an increase of 16.38 per cent, as per the state’s tourism department analysis.
  • Around 4,00,583 in 2009 and 4,54,851 in 2010 foreign tourists visited Himachal Pradesh (an increase by 13.55 per cent) making it the most visited place by foreign tourists
  • Tourists from United States, Canada, Australia and England are the highest amongst foreigners.
  • The state tourism department is thriving to elevate the growth rate to achieve the target of 1.5 crores tourists (in 2011) and more in the future.
  • As per the recent analysis, an excess of Rs 300 crores is likely to be sanctioned for the state’s tourism department every year.  On seeing continued growth, this sector is estimated to contribute more than Rs 1,250 crores to the GDP of Himachal Pradesh by 2015.
  • Kullu, Kangra and Shimla are the most popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh visited by more than 50 percentage of the total foreign tourists in this state
  • Hill stations of Shimla, Dharamshala, Manali, Dalhousie and Kasauli are the most preferred ones for Indian and foreign tourists.
  • According to the latest data, the highest number of tourists (17,03,757) which includes 7,735 foreigners visited this hilly state during June.
  • A total of 1,784,158 (91,160 foreign tourists) in Kangra, 2,499,549 tourists (1,32,786 foreign tourists) in Kullu and 2,608,835 tourists (1,24,273 foreign tourists) visited Shimla in 2010. Also Kangra, Kullu and Shimla districts collectively had the highest number of tourist visitors in the country.
  • Dharamshala hosted two IPL matches in April 2010. This also boosted the tourism activity here attracting more than 50,000 tourists during the cricket matches.
  • More than 53,100 foreign flocked in to the LahaulSpiti district (the tribal belt of the state) between June and August month,while 10,493 foreign tourists poured into the tribal Kinnaur belt during the same period.
  • According to the local survey, foreign visitors below the age of 45 years visited the tribal and hilly regions to research on the fauna and flora, or for mountaineering and adventure expeditions.
  • The state’s tourism department is launching many promotional operations in Europe and Asia to attract more tourists from this region.

Himachal Pradesh Records Rise in Foreign Tourist's Inflow

  • In comparison to the previous year, Himachal Pradesh has seen a consistent increase in foreign tourists by 32,000, Himachal Pradesh being their favouritetourist destination. It was projected that nearly 4.85 Lakhs foreign tourists visited the state during 2011-12 compared to previous year’s 4.53 Lakhs.
  • Visitors from UK, USA and France contribute a majority in this place.  Also they stand as the top three contributors towards the revenue generated by the tourism department of Himachal Pradesh, followed by Australia taking the forth place.
  • These four countries collectively contributed for about Rs1.60 Lakhs of revenue generated from foreign tourists in the year 2011.
  • Shimla,Dalhousie,Manali, Dharmshala, KasauliChail,Mcleodganj,Palampur,Keylong, are marked as the most visited hill stations with an estimated four Lakhs foreign tourists during 2011.
  • The queen of seven hills the most visited place by the British tourist and  Shimlaboasts itself as the most preferred and favourite destination amongst the British mass.
  • The State Tourism Department predicts that the international tourists will exceed five Lakhs this year.
  • As the numbers of tourists are increasing, the hotel industry is also booming here proving employment and additional income to the local people.
  • Kullu shawls,Kangra paintings, Chambarumal and Himachali wool products are always in demand. This has encouraged artisans and small enterprises to uphold the state’s rich culture and heritage.
  • Mountain biking,vintage car rally, paragliding,river-rafting,skiingetc are some of the most awaited events of this place, which is organized seasonally.

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Tourist Statistics
Tourist Statistics
Tourist Statistics
Tourist Statistics
Tourist Statistics
Tourist Statistics

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