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Himachal Pradesh Tourism is indeed a bench mark for the other tourist places of the country. With its lavishing green landscape, endless mountain ranges, River Beas, thick forests and very humble local people, Himachal Pradesh has made its mark in the Tourism sector of the country and world. And to explore the state completely is never possible in a single visit. No matter how many times you have visited this state, you will always find it new, rejuvenating and relaxing to spend a holiday. If you are planning for such a holiday here or any other part of the world, it is worth noting the below tips.

Safety Tips

  • Maintain distance with tourist guides, bus conductors, taxi drivers and local guides if you find them pressuring you to take their assistance. Don’t be rude, but decline their offers politely,
  • Do not go out alone during late evenings and night. Always move in groups.
  • Make a note of emergency numbers and details of the hotel where you are put in.
  • Avoid taking eatables offered by the local people in buses, taxis etc.
  • Make sure all your expensive stuffs are kept in safety lockers of your hotel room. Carry just enough money. During your travel, keep your cameras and other devices safely in a bad and check regularly.
  • Maintain a separate pouch to keep liquid cash handy. In case you are carrying more money or withdrew it from ATM, do not expose it in the public place
  • Do not trust strangers.
  • Always ask for authorized tourist guides who have a badge provided by the Indian Government.
  • Wear descent clothes. Especially females should avoid wearing body hugging and exposing clothes.
  • Wear Indian clothes at holy places like temples, mosques, Gurudwaras etc.

Health Precautions

  • Carry your own water bottle and avoid drinking from hotel tumblers and mugs.
  • Avoid eating junk and roadside foods or in small restaurants. The hygienic conditions are not too good in such places.
  • Avoid eating raw food, cut vegetables/ fruits or juices prepared in open area. Prefer eating cooked and hot food.
  • During summers, carry enough water for the whole day and make sure you apply sunscreen every 3 hour. Wear a good sunglass, hats/caps to avoid sun tan and allergies.
  • You could consult your doctor and take some vaccinations for allergies before going on a holiday

What to Do

  • All foreign tourists who are planning to extend their stay should seek prior permission from the nearest / Sadar Police Station and the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Officer.
  • Make sure your vehicles are parked in authorized parking lots. If they are towed for any reasons, contact the Police Control room immediately.
  • Always go for a prepaid, booked transportation service. Ask for the fare chart to find out the exact charges applicable for the service.
  • Write down all the important contact numbers of the police, foreign ministry, and local authorities in a handbook and carry it with you always.
  • For any adventure trips and sightseeing use the facilities provided by the HPTDC which has its own fleet of buses, coaches and taxis.
  • Take prior permission from the local authorities like the police, tourist agencies and SDM before carrying out adventure activity like river rafting, trekking, paragliding etc.
  • For money exchange purposed, use only authorized banks, hotels and exchange outlets. Remember to collect receipt for the same

What Not to Do

  • Don’t leave polythene and non-biodegradable substance around the place. Himachal Pradesh has banned the use of plastic bags. 
  • Don’t get compelled to take up shopping or tours by local vendors, taxi drivers. Take assistance of authorized people of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation available with your hotels and travel agencies.
  • Don’t buy by-products of animals. They are usually smuggled and illegally sold.
  • Don’s scratch or inscribe on trees, monuments and buildings.
  • Do not use or carry illegal drugs such as heroin, opium or marijuana, which is considered a crime under Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.
  • Don't risk standing at the edges of hill rocks, trees and river side. The water currents are unpredictable and might be a threat to life.
  • Don’t take photography in places where it is not allowed. Avoid taking photographs of local people without seeking their permission
  • Don't accept any eatables from strangers when you are travelling. They may contain sedatives and other toxic substances
  • Do not light fire in the bushes at high altitudes. This might sometime lead to forest fires.
  • Don’t park vehicles on road sides which are not meant for parking.

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