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Shopping Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has plenty to offer tourists who are looking for local handicrafts to take home. The tourist can pick up things made of wood, metal, wool, tweed or beads. There are Tibetan carpets and handicrafts, shawls, preserves and pickles, toys, wooden articles, semi precious jewellery and baskets.

The carpets of Himachal Pradesh are famous for their colourful, traditional, intricate designs which include dragons, flowers, birds, trees and the Swastika for good fortune.

There are plenty of other souvenirs that a visitor can pick up. Head scarves from Chamba, traditional Kullu dolls, embroidered handkerchiefs, and horse hair products like bangles are popular with tourists. Kangra and Chamba paintings represent the Indian mythology and depict scenes of Gods and Goddesses and Kings and Queens. These characteristic paintings use natural pigments and colours. Many wood items like rosaries, beer mugs and bowls are made of wood from local walnut, chestnut and wild mulberry trees. The other notable items that you can pick up while shopping in Himachal Pradesh are the baskets meant for carrying harvest crops, lamp stands, silver tea sets and other cane items.

Shopping Destination in Himachal Pradesh


For newlyweds, Shimla is the perfect getaway for a honeymoon. The Mall road offers souvenirs that will stay as a reminder of your time spent in this mesmerising hill station. You can pick up some Kinnauri handmade woollen items- mufflers, scarves, gloves and socks.


Manali has been traditionally famous for its woollen shawls. These shawls are not just warm but they also carry traditional Himachali motifs. You could head for the Mall road or the Kashmir and Tibetan Emporiums. You can add tweeds, rugs, silvery trinkets to your shopping list when you are in Manali.


The main shopping area in Dalhousie is the Thandi Sadak. Here you will find a few government emporiums and shops selling Tibetan goods. This place is famous for its Tibetan rugs and handicrafts.


This hideout on top of the hill has the Kotwali Bazaar which sells Tibetan handicrafts. Carpets display stories from Tibetan mythology and are a ‘must have’ on your shopping list. You can pick up Tibetan prayer wheels and flags, and woollen shawls on your visit here.

Shopping Tips

Visitors must bargain when buying local handicrafts. It is also likely for a tourist to be lured into buying fake products at street shops.

What to shop

Rugs and carpets

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its carpets and rugs. The designs on the rugs are characteristic of the place where they are woven. The usual motifs consist of the Garuda sitting on a tree, the lotus flower and flutes. You will find rugs made of beaten wool and blankets made from sheep wool.


Himachal Pradesh has had artists down the centuries who have contributed in making the art work famous. One of the famous work of art is the ‘Thangkas’. These paintings are painted on cloth and represent Buddha in his traditional pose and other Buddhist festivals. The Kangra paintings which depict idealized women are also famous.

Wood carvings

Woodcraft happens to be traditionally associated with most hill stations in India. The items from Himachal Pradesh have the old look appeal. There are a number of wood items that you can think of taking back- candle stands, boxes, ladles, settees.

Embroidered items

The traditional embroidery of Himachal Pradesh has been famous for long. This embroidery does not only adorn clothes but is also found on caps, shawls, handkerchiefs, and hand fans. The embroidered Kurta is a popular item with tourists visiting the state.

Main Shopping centres

Lakkar Bazaar

The Lakkar Bazaar is a prominent market besides the Ridge in Shimla. Tourists head for this market which is famous for its wood craft. You will also find a skating rink that is usually full on most days. The wood items can be attributed to Sikh settlers from Hoshiarpur who made Shimla their home almost a century ago. This bazaar is reminiscent of an Indian hamlet. The famous eatery here- Sita Ram is famous for their ‘chole bature’ and ‘aloo tikki’. Lakkar bazaar is also famous for the Regal building which houses a cinema hall, skating rink and Meena Bazaar.

The Mall

Like most other hill stations in India, Shimla too has its own Mall road. This road is lined with banks, restaurants and shops and is crowded at most parts of the day. The Mall is famous for its Gaiety Theatre which showcases cultural programs on a regular basis. Tourists throng at the Ridge and the Scandal point on the Mall.

Lower bazaar

You will find the Lower Bazaar on the western portion of the Mall. This bazaar begins at the bus stand in Shimla, which is close to the railway station, and is ideal if you like to walk. The bazaar has shops selling handicrafts and eateries with traditional food items.

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