Lahaul Valley

The Lahaul valley is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. This place is one of those beauties of the mountain which is hard to find. The population existing in this place is quite less but the natural beauty that prevails here is incomparable. Located next to the Spiti Valley, this place is famous for its strange-hood, aloofness and immense beauty. It is one of such places which will be a lifetime memory for anyone visiting there. It is located in a central position of the big and large mountains which surrounds it from all the sides. Also, it is famous as there are many glaciers which can be seen on the surrounding mountain adjoining this place. There are two rivers which raises to the side of this valley namely the Chandra River and the Bhaga River. This place has a predominantly Buddhist culture and also portrays the long and traditional heritage of the Tibetan-Buddhist community. It is important to know that fine specimen of the ancient Buddhist era can be found in the Lahaul valley. In other words, this isolated place is a perfect option for those looking for a few days of quite yet refreshing holidays.

Places to See in Lahaul Valley

The Lahaul valley is often described as the brutal yet beautiful valley. This desert valley may seem brutal but has a soul touching view of the nature. There are also many places surrounding this valley which can prove to be worth visiting.

  • Gondla: This is one of such places which bring forth the true spirit of this place. It has a magnificent royal house. Also, there is a fair held in this locality which is worth visiting as they portray the special dance from the lamas of the place.
  • Guru Ghantal Monastery: This unique monastery holds up the true spirit of India. It is one of the oldest monasteries of the valley and has a wooden structure which has magnificent carvings in it. This monastery preserves the idols of two gods one from Buddhist culture and another from Hindus. During the festival of “Ghantal” in mid June, both the lamas and the thakur’s come together to celebrate this auspicious moment.
  • Kardang Monastery: This monastery was believed to be build during the 12th century. Situated across the Bhaga River, this monastery is one of the largest libraries to hold various Buddhist scriptures collected over time.
  • Darcha: This place is quite famous among the trekkers. Mainly the people who are interested in trekking use it as a starting point to trek to the Padem valley.
  • ShahShur Monastery: Located at one of the most spectacular natural background, this monastery has always attracted a lot of tourists. It has specially maintained pictures of Lord Buddha which belongs to the 17th century AD.
  • Sissu: This place has a waterfall with gushing waters in a serene background.
  • Tandi: This place founds its origin in the pages of Mythology. There is a structure erected at this place where the Chandra and the Bhaga River meets.
  • Tayul Gompa: It is one of the oldest monasteries which is not only beautifully made but also contains many important Buddhist scriptures in its library.

Lahaul Valley Cuisine

The option for finding a great variety of cuisine in the Lahaul valley is quite limited. However, one can treat their taste buds with delicious and nicely prepared local cuisines. Beside this, there are arrays of Tibetan foods such as Tsampa, Sha Phaley, Juema, Khapsey available in various restaurants of this place.

Where and What to Shop in Lahaul Valley

You can look forward to collecting a lot of nicely made handicraft work from this place. There are quite a number of shops which can offer you the local crafts.

Climate and Best Time to Visit Lahaul Valley

This is a place which experiences a lot of snowfall. During the wintertime, this place is inaccessible and the tourist spots are closed. The summer starts from the month of May and lasts till the mid of October. Thus it is needless to say that the summer is the best time to visit the Lahaul valley. One can expect a fine sunny weather in the morning and chilly climate at the night.

How to Reach

By Air

Kullu is the nearest airport located in this place. One can easily reach Kullu from all the major cities of India.

By Rail

If you are travelling through railways, then you have to board a train till Shimla from where you can then process your journey towards the Lahaul Valley.

By Bus

It is quite a well connected place and there are roads from all parts of the country by which one can reach the Lahaul valley. The main junction from where one can hire various transportation options like taxi or bus to the Lahaul valley is Manali.

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Lahaul Valley
Lahaul Valley
Lahaul Valley
Lahaul Valley
Lahaul Valley
Lahaul Valley

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