Spiti Valley

It is great to know that nature presents a wonder to the world. There is a mountain among the desert land and sometimes there is a desert between the mountains. Confused? Then don’t be. The Spiti Valley located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India is such a wonder place where you will love to visit. This valley is a desert valley which is located in between two countries and thus its name means “The middle Land”.

This valley is situated in between India and Tibet and thus it has a prominent culture of Buddhism that revels in the ranges of Tibet as well as in the Ladhak region of India. This place holds a long history and is one of the most spectacular places which can be found in the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is one of the least populated as well as least polluted regions of India and thus no doubt it emerges to be one of the unique places where a tourist can treat not only his eyes but his soul.

The Land of Snow

As this place is located at a higher altitude, it becomes inaccessible during the heavy winter or monsoon times. The road leading to the Spiti valley is kept closed for about eight months each year due to an immense amount of snowfall. After the snowfall ends, the roads are properly restored and it again becomes accessible for the mountain lovers.

Places to See in Spiti Valley

The natural view and the beauty offered by the Spiti valley are quite unique in its own self. However, there are few mode surrounding places where you can visit and enhance your pleasure of visiting the young mountains of the Himalayas.

  • Langza: This place is popular because it has the maritime fossils which were reserved naturally by the ancient people and thus is quite worth a visit.
  • Dhankar: This fort was originally built as a means of keeping an eye on the approaching enemy. Today this fort proves to be an evidence of rich architectural work. It is located on the left bank of river Spiti.
  • Lossar: This picturesque village is located en route Manali to Spiti. This little village offers a true color of the heritage of Spiti valley with its portrayal of traditional houses, natural vegetation and their way of living. It also has a small yet spectacular Gompha.
  • Pin Valley: This part of the valley is famous for the horse racing and archery competitions held.
  • Ki monastery: It is the largest monastery situated in this valley and is famous for its various traditional items.
  • Kibber: A trek to this place is sure to awestruck the tourists. This is a village which consists of only 80 houses but their specialty lies in their superb architectural work.
  • Kunzum Pass: This pass is the gateway to the Spiti valley. It provides an absolutely stunning view of the whole valley.
  • Kaza: This place has mainly the accumulation of the various administrative offices of the governments. It is also well known for its accommodation facilities. However, there are few beautiful monasteries in this place which are worth visiting.

Spiti Valley Cuisine

Apart from the mundane Indian traditional Dal and steaming rice along with curries, there are a plenty of local shops where you can indulge yourself in the delicious local foods of the place. Beside the local food, you can also enjoy the taste of the authentic Tibetan foods like Thukpa, Momos and other.

Where and What to Shop in Spiti Valley

There are little shops scattered all around the places befitting its isolated location. One can find a lot of handicrafts and local made items which they can take back home as a memory or souvenir.

Climate and Best time to Visit Spiti Valley

The climate in Spiti valley is quite cold and while visiting there you must carry enough woolen garments. The days however are warmer during the summer season which lasts from May to mid October. The summer nights can give you light chilly shivers. The winter season lasts from November to the April and at that period of time this area experiences heavy snowfall. Thus, the best time to visit the valley is in the summer time. The tourists and the visitors can well enjoy their stay at this period of time. The roads also remain fairly accessible at this period.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to this place is in Kullu and you can easily access Kullu from all the major places of India.

By Rail

Shimla is the nearest railway station to this place. You can easily reach Shimla from every part of India.

By Bus

The road is on mountains so expecting a smooth drive is should not be on the travelers list. You can reach this valley from Manali through the Rotang pass and Hampta pass. Another way to visit in this place is from Shimla to Kaza through Reckong Peo.

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Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley

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