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Tourism reaches to a new high literally in the hilly valleys of the great Himalayan ranges and particularly so in the tourist spaces in Himachal Pradesh. After being patronized by thousands of tourists every year, Himachal till today stands firmly as one of the most popular tourist destinations of the nation , Himachal and its vast hilly expanses are the perfect option to soothe your eyes, mind and senses.

Tempered with various visual delights like the heavily snowed snow peaks of the Himalayas, the jungles of pine and the evergreen expanses of the hills, Himachal Pradesh is a place that not only caters to your eyes but also to your senses and nerves. All this is further enhanced by numerous other tourist destinations that add to Himachal’s vitality as a tourist hub.  Himachal is also visited frequently by visitors who also come here to indulge themselves into an array of adventure sports. River rafting, Trekking, Paragliding are all done extensively in Himachal.

The hill stations of the state also serve as tourist hotspots and leave you enchanted with its beauty. Every city of Himachal and its tour is set to leave you dazzled with its beauty. The cities also serve as a favorite honeymoon destination for couples who come here to enjoy the soothing view of the multiple fruit orchards which contribute majorly to the beauty of Himachal. To reduce the fatigue of the ascent up to the hills, Himachal also offers an array of eating joints serving authentic Himachal food and also to compliment the appetite are a number f shops that quench the thirst for shopping.

Once in Himachal, Allow Mother Nature to have its course on you. As you submerge yourself to be beauty of Himachal, Its serenity will ooze out the last degree of stress from your mind. To experience this, one must pay a visit to the exquisite locations of Himachal like the following.

Main Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh


Chail is one of the most popular, picturesque and serene destination In Himachal. Serving as the jewel of the crown of Himachal, Chail has been attracting tourist to its beautiful land space. Its proximity to the state capital Shimla ( 45 kms ) makes it a popular getaway and is thronged by people who come here looking for serenity and peace. Once acting as the Summer Capital of the maharaja of Patiala, Chail was converted onto an exile home for him by the British Office Lord Kitchener.


Known nationwide for its amazing architecture, Unmatchable natural views and orchards, Shimla , The state capital is another famous destination in Himachal, With a swelling population of 1.6 Lacks, Shimla has maintained its calm and beauty through the travails of time. Acting as the summer capital of British India, The town of Shimla has seen history as it was being written. With breathtaking views from the hills, Shimla is also proud of its bustling wooden carvings.


Discovered relatively late by tourist and adventurers, Manali is another picturesque spot in the lap of Himachal that is a favorite for honeymoon couples who come here to indulge in the magnificent beauty of its Flora and Fauna. Known for the flowing river and White Mountains, Manali takes you to the epitome of beauty in its hills. Manali and its surroundings tender a never before experience to the human eye, Manikaran on its outskirts is another place one must visit to experience the gushes of the hot water spring


Dharamsala, The head of the district of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh is also high on the tourist wish list. Previously referred as bhagsu, Dharamshla is glamour not only by its rich snow capped mountains but also by the innumerable oak and conifer trees that sparkle its snowy skyline. Trekking is the easiest way to reach the snowline in Dharamsala. It would be only fair to assert that Dharamshala takes you closest to the snow.


Located again in the District of Kangra, Palampur is a hill station that is visited by people to experience its natural beauty and heritage. Amidst the huge Pine Forest of the Dhaulapur range, Palampur gives way to several tea gardens that render an undeniable aroma and is hence often called as the tea capital of North India. Apart from that, Palampur’s simple lifestyle and proximity to the hills render it a smooth and mild touch.


Located just at 24 kms from Dalhousie in the Chamba district of Himachal, Khajjar is another humble destination for the lovers of peace. Khajjar is famous for a lake right in the middle of the town which is fed by various streams. Surrounded by dense forests and other gifts of nature, Khajjar is no less than a paradise for the lovers of nature


Named after the British Lord Dalhouise, This cradle of Himalayan Beauty owes its graceful existence to four hills, namely Porteyn, Kathlog, Balun,Moti Tibba and Bakrota.  Blessed with a cuisine and culture of its own, This town attracts tourists from all over the country. Particularly famous amongst couples who visit this place to visit some of its finest picnic spots, streams and temples.

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