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Himachal Pradesh is a haven for the adventure lovers. To those who come here seeking the thrills, Manali, Dharamshala and Shimla offer the best experience. Manali in particular loads you up with scope for mountaineering, skiing, paragliding or even biking on mountain. The Hills and Valleys of Himachal Pradesh offers the best experience one can ever come across in Himachal.

Himachal Pradesh is famous across the globe for its mountains. The mountains stand at a soaring height which varies from 350 meters to 7000 meters above sea level. Its hills are glittered by the presence of huge pine forest, graceful huts with overhanging balconies. The hills are further complemented by the serene blue valleys cut through by glacier fed streams. Leading a simple and sedentary lifestyle, the people of Himachal Pradesh are always engrossed in the upkeep of their farms, Orchard and livestock and are never to shy away from celebrating their fairs and festivals. With some on the nation’s major hill stations like Shimla, Dalhoursi, kullu and Manaly etc, Himachal stands at the zenith of natural beauty.

Famous Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Chamba Valley

Majorly unexplored by the tourist as yet, the beautiful and serene valley of Chamba is an awe inspiring place. Khajjar, Dalhousie, Balmour are some of the major towns that lie in this valley while the major part of the valley is occupied with villages and hamlets.  Rich in its natural wealth, The Valley is flooded with wild olives, figs and pomegranate trees while Shisham, Peepal and Acacia are major trees in the valley. The lower regions of the valley also yields rice crop while the upper regions yield maize, barley, wheat and other cereals which exhibit the perfect example of small and terrace farming. The presence of medicinal herbs, flowers and Pine forests in the valley also make it an extremely magnificent valley.

Kangra Valley

The valley of Kangra remains to be one of exceptional beauty and unsurpassable serenity. Lying amidst the huge Dhauladhar range on its Northern front and the Shivaliks towards its South, The Kangra Valley offers a picturesque view of its beauty. The valley rises steadily from West to East from Shahpur to Baijnath and inwards to Palampur. Kangra valley not only beholds beauty of the nature, But the beauty of Humanity is also easily felt in the faces and the behavior of the people. The entire valley is garnished with rich cultivation and the perennial snow tops that offer the elixir of its streams which takes ones heart away. The Majestic Hills on the other side complete the heavenly experience at Kangra. In the unsolved jungles of Dhauladhar stroll the charming Gaddi maidens, unaware of their splendor, alive with their countrified simplicity.

Lahaul Valley

Although only a part of this valley is present on the map, the natural ethnicity and the immense beauty of Lahaul speaks for its own self.  The extremely tall passes and the Humungous Mountains are watered by springs that carry the essence of life and the magic of their beauty wherever they go.  Multiple monasteries and several temples render Lahaul a grace of its own. The mix of Hindu and Buddhist culture offers a blend of cultures which amazes the tourists who flock here to examine its natural heritage. Out of the 18 monasteries here, Some of them are so old that historians fail to predict its exact construction date. The Guru Ghantal Monastery takes the front seat during the fool moon night of June as the entire place is filled with festivities. The trekking options at Lahaul act as a magnet for the adventurous who come here seeking both adventure and peace

Pangi Valley

One of the most excluded areas of Himachal, The Pangi Valley is often cut off from the world during the winter months. The Tribal of Bhot and Pangi are the only two tribes that live here. The adventurers have explored this valley to indulge in the challenging trekking routes and to cross or raft through its foaming rivers.

Malana Valley

Known as Mini Greece of Himachal, the Malana Valley is inhabited by people who claim to be hailing from Greece itself. People have kept themselves aloof from the outer world and have their own system of governance and even an elected Prime Minister who ensure that the outsiders do not even touch a thing or even any person in the village. The concept of Marriage is also different in this valley as the people from Malana marry around 10 – 15 times in their life. The easiest way to reach Malana is through a 6 hour trek from Jar.

Other Vallies in Himachal Pradesh

  • Kullu Valley
  • Baspa or Sangla Valley
  • Satluj Valley
  • Balh Valley
  • Kunihar Valley

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