Being a diverse country in geographical manner India comprises of many states and a wide range of religion, tradition and culture. Every state has its unique beauty which captures the attention of tourists. Himachal Pradesh tops the list of beauty.  The crown is given for the abundant natural beauty that covers the empire as well as the hospitality of the people staying here. The state can be marked because of its unique cultural representation and doctrines. There are numerous places of interests all throughout the state and people who come here with the expectation of having a great time; are never disappointed. It is a charming place that never fails to lighten your mood.

The beautiful water springs, endless rivers, serene lakes, deep valleys and the frolicking waterfalls form the inner core of this adobe of natural beauty. Waterfalls are often linked with the mountains and due to the mighty Himalayas present in this state the presence of such falls are quite common. However, though the number of falls may be less but the astounding beauty of those that re there are enough to invade your mind. Due to its terrain a number of small water trails and streams can be found on and off in the rocks. These trails are mostly formed due to the seasonal melting of the snow that cape the mountains that form the lower range. Due to the seasonal existence of these trails Himachal seems to be overflowing with sprinkles of water for certain months in a year.

List Of Waterfall In State

  • Machhrial Falls
  • Rahla Fall
  • Sissu Fall
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Bundla Falls
  • Palani Falls
  • Badri Falls
  • Bhagsu Falls
  • Tattapani

Waterfalls To Visit For Sure

Rahala Waterfalls

Often hailed as Switzerland of the East, manali has a lot to offer when it comes to natural beauty. The rahara falls ornaments the crown of the Himalayan ecstasy. The waterfall trespasses an altitude of 2,501 meters and is formed by the melting of the glaciers. The breathtaking beauty of this waterfall has made it a primary tourist spot manali.

The rahara waterfall is situated at a distance of 16 kilometers from manali and falls on the way to rhotang pass. On the other hand it is only 4 kilometers from Kothi. The entire scenario including the waterfall is marvelous and makes it just picture perfect. The calm picturesque accompanied by the gushing of water, makes rahara waterfall an ideal spot for picnic. One can also easily access the icy glacier of Rhotang pass which is nearby.

Accessing the falls is not difficult. The closest airport is that of Bhuntar which is approximately 9 kms and the town of kullu manali is about 49 kms from here. One can reach manali, take rest there and then visit the rahana waterfall.


Tattapani is another major attraction of the Himachal Pradesh. It is actually a waterfall having hot water sulphur spring. It is located on the right bank of the Sutlej River. Blessed with natural beauty the waterfall plunges and surrenders itself to the Sutlej River rising droplets of water into the air like smoke. It is also a place of religious importance as the natural sulphur springs revitalizes and cures like the ones at Manikaran and Vashisht.

Jubbal hatti is the nearest airport to Tattapani, which is approximately 45 kms from the area. The nearest railway station is that of shimla (narrow gauge) which is 23 kms from tattapani. One can also go from manali, Delhi and Chandigarh via roads either by hiring private cars or buses or cabs.

Thus the water falls of the state cannot be ignored and forms a substantial part of its natural pleasure. It can be considered as a treasure and should be kept as it is.

Chadwick Waterfall

The adoring Chadwick hills are located about 7 kms from the western side of the Ridge. They surely augment the beautiful silence of the summer hills. The falls is just about 2kms from the summer hills which is ahead of the falls. The falls drops down from a height of 1,586m. However, the falls flows smoothly and calmly without making vigorous sounds. But a few centuries ago this same falls roared over the entire region and the sound of the thrusting water echoed all over the region. Once at this very location certain aquatic exhibition by nature existed.

The airlines services are operated by Indian Airlines and takes off regularly from- Delhi- shimla- kullu. A deluxe train connects shimla to kalka, while kalka is well connected to the rest of the country. Regular buses, Volvos and private cabs run from Delhi, manali and Chandigarh.

Sissu Waterfall

Approximately 25kms from Gramphu one can always visit the beautiful waterfalls at Sissu which lies on the Manali Leh highway. Though the beauty of this water fall can captivate any visitor and it can be undoubtedly declared as the most enchanting falls of the entire north India. However, this area remains quiet and unexplored and only a handful of visitors come here. Generally a person hardly knows about this place or its underlying beauty and often oversees it as just another mountain falls. Another reason is the view. One cannot make out the fall completely when seen from the road. One needs to venture in to get lost in its enigmatic spell. The base of the falls is only a 15-20 minutes walk from the highway and one can also climb the place where the falls strikes on the rocks. Thus, it seems to be a little expedition and the trek is quite easy.

Bhagsu Falls

Situated amidst the small village of bhagsu, the bhagsu falls curtains the temple of bhagsunath. The drop increases up to 30 fts during the monsoon and runs alongside a mountain having a sharp surface.

The village has developed itself as an excellent picnic spot and also hosts the famous Bhagsunath Temple along with the Bhagsu falls. Some small cafeterias have cropped up to provide the tourists with little refreshments. The falls is located on the main road connecting McLeodGanj and Dharamsala. It is about 11 kms from Dharamsala and is well connected via road. The nearest airport is that of Gaggal and the nearest railway station is that of Pathankot.

Machhrial Falls

The Machhrial is a beautiful frolicking fountain located at a distance of 25 kms from Dharamsala. It lies on the Dharamsala-Pathankot Street of the Kangra region and is just the perfect escapade for a day out. This can be easily accessed by a cab and the Hot Spring of Tatwani lies near to it which is another tourist attraction.

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