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Lohri or Maghi in Himachal

The festival of Lohri or Maghi is celebrated at a grand scale in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The entire state has been blessed with immense natural beauty and a vast range of terrain. Since, most of the area is covered with flora and fauna and the mighty mountains the average temperature of the region is low. The winter is too cold and runs a chill through everyone’s skin. Never the less it attracts many visitors and tourist from all over the world. It has been a favorite spot for many since a long time. Similarly it is the home of different sects of people who live here. Most of them belong to different hill tribes and thus celebrate a huge range of festivals.

However the fair of Lohri is common to all. Every sect of people celebrates this festival. It is warm and colorful celebration which takes place about the end of winter and when the warm breeze of spring comes in. it is actually a welcome festival. A colorful gracious welcome is given to the beautiful and fertile season of spring. The celebration is done on a large scale and almost all the native people as well as visitors become a part of it.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

Generally a fair is organized along with the festival itself. The fair goes on for quite some time though the main occasion is of one or two days.It is during the time of Magh or January that the fair is held and coincides with the Lohri festival which takes place when the sun returns to the Northern Hemisphere, better known as Uttarayan.

Description About Lohri or Maghi Festival

Lohri is a way of paying tribute to the gods and goddesses of fertility. This is a holy occasion where the members especially the farmers wish for his fertility as the season of farming begins. This is done to ensure that the farming season bears a lot of fruits. The main focus of the festival is the bonfire that is being made to burn all the dirt of the cold season. Lohri is basically the bonfire and thus, the name is derived from here.

This festival has become an important part of the tradition and plays a vital role. It brings in prosperity. The entire festival is circumfused around the bonfire and people make merry and everyone seems quite cheerful. People all over Himachal engage themselves for the preparations of Lohri festival and gets new dresses. They adorn themselves with their best attires and amidst the bright and colorful cheer passes the time.

The other name that is given to this festival is Maghi festival. It is so given as the celebration is held in the month of Magh (according to Hindu calendar) or January. It is a bright change from the dark and monotonous days of dry winter. It brings new hope.

The Maghi or Lohri fair actually signifies the last sowing days of the winter crop, commonly known as Ravi in India. The festival is mainly held in the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The rural sounds are also a part of the festival. When the bonfire is lit both men and women dressed in their bright clothes dance to the tunes of the evening and the fire rises high uniting their spirits. Traditional dances are also performed by the people of the area. To add flavors to the festival the entire crowd also takes part in various activities. Some other ere creations is also organized for the kids.

Sacrifices are also offered to god in the form of paddy, rice and other grains. It is done with the belief that god will bless them with rich and fruitful harvest.

In the fair everything from home items, pottery, foods, etc., are various other things of art are available. Various exhibitions related to art and architecture is also held.

The importance of the festival not only lies in the economic view but also spiritually it is important. It is best to visit Himachal in the month of January if someone really wants to enjoy the festival of Maghi or the famous Lohri.

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