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The land of Himachal Pradesh is at bounty and the place is immensely beautiful. It has a total geographical span of 55, 675 kilometres. The place holds plenty of natural resources and the variety of argo-climactic settings provide a tremendous boost to horticulture development. The state of the Himachal Pradesh specialises in the genre of horticulture and due to its temperate type of climate you find lots of tropical fruits growing at the place. Based on this Himachal Pradesh is often referred to as the fruit bowl of the country. As a result the rural people can have the best of economic development. Fruits grow in HP covering an absolute area of 2.07 Lac hectares. The total production of fruits in the state is not less than 5.00 Lac MTs. However, the production of apple is the highest in the state and it forms the total 88% of overall fruit produces.

The other kinds of fruits grown in the place include pear, almond, citrus, raisins, apple, peach plum, walnut, grapes, mango and the rest. For the last three decades there has been a productive growth in fruits. The commercial value of apple as a kind of fresh fruit is truly undeniable.

As you go high you will find apples growing at random. In Himachal Pradesh there are warmer regions producing grapes, almonds, prunes, raisins and other delicacies quite according to the taste of the common people. You have another sweet tasting fruit known as chilgoza and this is the tasty kernel of the special fruit of chil pine. At the beginning of the spring season and during the cropping months of April and March the orchards look overgrown with blossoms. Thus, if you intent to give your eyes a soothing treat it would be best to travel through the prime fruit producing zones.

In India, the state of Himachal Pradesh is popular for the growth of Apricots at plenty. Apricot is the commercial fruit of places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and to an extent it is even discerned in the north eastern hilly regions of India. In HP you may even come of know about the growth of fruits like dry apricots and this is available in the temperate locales of Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur in HP and you even find them growing on the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Pride of Himachal Pradesh-APPLE

It is time now to know about the town of Narkanda which is even counted as a Nagar Panchayat in the district of Shimla in HP. Narkanda has a location of 31.27°N 77.45°E. The place has a more or less elevation of 2621 meters and this you can even refer as 8599 feet. From 5 kilometers from Narkanda you find the Hatu Peak and this has a height of 11000 feet. If you travel 16 kilometers from Narkanda you land at a place called Kotgarh and this one is quite popular for having the bests of apple orchards. It was Satyanand Stokes who introduced apple plantation in HP for making the economic position of the city more stable and strong. In HP around 3, 000 Crore is the amount being made through the direct and indirect apple production and sale. These days the people o fHimachal Pradesh are even trying to make money with the cultivation of cheery. However, Mr. Stokes’ grandson has taken to experimental development by encouraging the growth of new species of apple for better and more improved economy in HP.

Rukhala-Where the Apple Seeds Bloom

If you avail for the Rukhala tourism in HP you would be closer to the greens and reds of the several gardens and the redness of the plenty of apple growth. If you are in a village in Uttar Pradesh you would love to view the scenic beauty of the place and this would even serve as a great combo of hospitality, scenery and culture. This is a sort of adventurous hilly retreat, and if you seek for tranquility, you would find no better place than this quiet locale of Himachal Pradesh. The months of January and December are ideal times to visit HP and during the season you will find apple trees overburdened with fruits. Once you are at the crossroad you are made to feel like being in the land of the fairy tales. Here you find perfect farmhouses for residing and this is an ideal place for ever and always relaxation.

Amazing Apricots

The scientific name of apricot is Prunus Armeniaca and this is regarded as the most essential fruit crop especially of the midhill region. Apricot grows in parts of India experiencing dry and temperate sort of climate. Cultivation of apricot is immensely popular in north eastern China. On the other hand India is known for growing wild apricots and these are popularly referred to as Zardalus. You find the particular variety of apricots growing in the wilderness of Kinnaur and Shimla districts of Himachal Pradesh. Apricots are extremely delicious to eat. The fruit is rich in vitamin A content and the right inclusion of proteins, carbohydrates, niacin, phosphorous in comparison to the other common fruits available. Apricot is a common fruit used for preparing deserts and it is best canned and well dried for perfect serving. Apricot is even finely processed for the production of nectar, squash and jam. Apricots have specific varieties and based on the fact, the kernels either taste bitter or sweet. The sweet kernels are even used as substitute for almonds and you find them at plenty in pastries. Whereas, the bitter apricot kernels are being widely used for extraction of oil.

Sweet-Sweet Pear

Pear too is grown in various climactic conditions. You find pears growing in cold places and you even find them growing at random in the dry temperate hilly regions of India. Pears are even known to be growing in the sub tropical conditions and they are largely found in the plains of North India. Cultivation of pear is extensive in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and next in the line comes Uttar Pradesh. You find pears growing in certain parts of the plains of Punjab. While in Himachal Pradesh, you find the fruit growing both on the highlands and the foothills, where conditions are extremely chilling.

Crispy Walnut

Walnut, the other name for which is Juglan is considered to be a sort of temperate nut in India. The kind of fruit variety is available in all shapes and sizes. The Indian sort of walnut is available in four different kinds. You have the paper variety, you have the shelled variety, you have walnuts with thin and medium shells and walnuts are even available as hard shelled. Walnut has the best growth at heights of 900 to 3000. The places where walnuts are mostly discerned include Uttaranchal, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

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