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Festival Of Sair Shimla

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its amazing diversity in festivals. The festivals may be large, drawing crowds from all over the state, or the country, or even international visitors. Other festivals are smaller, limited to a small village. All festivals have interesting legends associated with them. A visitor can watch the concept of unity in diversity in action when he or she visits the festivals of any Indian state, including Himachal Pradesh.

The Sair festival is organized by the Solan district authorities. It is conducted at Arki and Mashobra, close to Shimla.  It includes a bull fight and cultural programs such as dance and music. Other highlights are stalls selling every item imaginable. This is a time when people dress in their finery and descend on the fairgrounds to have a good time. Women in their colorful attires, children in new clothing, and even men in brand new clothes are seen participating in the fair activities or cheering on as spectators.

The Sair festival is famous for many things. The bull fight is the first thing that comes to mind when people think about Sair festival. The fair is organized in the month of September. One of the reasons for celebrating this occasion is the fun factor. The fair draws many people. Some of them are local to the region. Others are visitors from other parts of India. There is a sprinkling of international tourists too.

One of the big attractions of this festival is the bull fight. The bull fight has been compared to the ones held in ancient Greece. Unlike those bull fights, the Sair bull fights are more democratic. Common people are allowed to watch these bull fights. This is made possible by a small entry fee. The small amount makes it possible for people from all backgrounds to watch the fight.

The fairgrounds see a lot of hustle and bustle. There are colorful stalls selling local delicacies and whatever items people from surrounding areas need for their daily living. The handicrafts are a big draw for visitors. They make great gifts and can be purchased at reasonable prices. Other items for sale are jewelry, clothing, pottery, kitchen tools, and so on.

The cultural programs have their own charm. They are a window into the cultural life of India. The event sees participation from artists from all across the country. They enable greater cultural mingling and help people develop a finer understanding of the country's rich art heritage.

Shimla Fairs

The Shimla region has many other fairs and festivals throughout the year. Shimla is a popular tourist destination, already famous for its scenic beauty. From festivals with religious significance to fairs meant for enjoyment of ice skating, Shimla abounds in fairs and festivals.


This fair is held to celebrate the trade treaty between Tibet and the ancient Bushahr kingdom. The focus is therefore, trade. The fair encourages business and furthering of trade in the local community.

Bhoj fair

The fair is organized in November annually. The highlight of this fair is the devotion of Devta Bansor, shown by the people who attend the fair. The fair is fairly large and is attended by many people.


The Sipi fair is held as a tribute to the Sipi devta. It sees participation from a large number of people. Once upon a time, the chief guest used to be the Rana of Koti. The fair includes stalls for selling food and other items. It is also a venue for showcasing the cultural heritage of the region. The programs include music and dance. Adding to the fun is the performances by magicians, jugglers, and archers.

Rhyali Festival

The Rhyali festival is held to celebrate the rainy season. As the people are mostly agriculturists, good rainfall is critical to their livelihood. The festival is also a tribute to the god of rain.

One of the better known festivals is the Ice Skating Carnival. Celebrated with much enthusiasm, the fair is a joyous occasion to frolic in the snow and enjoy the smooth feeling of gliding over ice.

The fairs and festivals of Shimla are a tourist attraction, as well as a an outlet for the local people to have some moments of relaxation after months spent planting and harvesting crops, or working at their trade. The Sair festival has attracted attention for the bull fight and other events. It is one of the most famous festivals and fairs in Shimla.

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