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International Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla is quietly tucked away in the upper range of Himalayas. This city is blessed with all the natural bounties that a person can think about. This city was formerly the British summer capital of India and is still a popular summer destination for the tourists. Ever since the year of 1960, during the month of May/June the local government organizes an International Shimla Summer Festival.

This festival happens every year in the summer months. This is one of the very special festivals of Himachal Pradesh and during this festival the entire city of Shimla gets decked up in vibrant hues. As the state of Himachal Pradesh is situated in the extreme north of the country, the temperature is usually below normal throughout the year. Therefore, summer is a special time to celebrate for the locals living here. The city of Shimla is also regarded as the land of God due to its splendid beauty the landscape of Shimla is extraordinary and brings a powerful impact to the eyes.

The attractive landscape of Shimla is becomes more striking due to its culturally rich festivals and fairs and International Shimla Summer Festival is no exception. Shimla can say a lot about itself just by the natural beauty and the Summer Festival only adds to the array of colours of this region.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

The name already suggests the month of celebration of this festival. But even then this festival is usually held during the month of May or June.

Description About International Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla is a beautiful and a picture perfect location, lone look at this place and a person will feel that this could only have been drawn by a master painter. Shimla is the land of Gods and it is a beautiful destination. The pleasent scenery is enchanting and it almost feels like a painter has dipped his brush in the colour of his soul and painted the nature’s canvas. But, the nature of Shimla sees his painter as God and therefore, it is known as the Abode of God.

The summer festival of Shimla indicates the rich cultural heritage of our nation because this city has tried to preserve it, follow it and display it with great pomp and show. The summer festival celebrated in Shimla consists of a huge party of men and women who meet and rejoice the advent of summer. They sing, dance and display their gratefulness to the lord.

They do all this to offer thanks to God for the rich harvest and the bountiful crop. They seek blessings from God for the repetition next year. May is known to be the sweetest month in Himachal Pradesh and thus they celebrate it with great pomp and show.

The astonishing event is organized at the Ridge of Shimla. Normally, a half marathon race is flagged off in the morning as a start-off for the carnival. During the festival, the locals here organize stalls and display handcrafted articles that uphold the spirit of Himachal Pradesh and its culture. They sometimes also organize Miss Shimla contest. There are magic shows for everyone. The festival is captivating experience for the crowd. These days to keep the young minds involved in the festival, they have also organized a rock band competition. This way the crowd will enjoy good music and make merry.

The summer festival displays the perfect picture of the fluent cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh. The whole state depicts splendour and lively attitude during the onslaught of the festival. As a properly coloured fair, it adds up to the novel shade in a progressive way and gives out a great visual impact. The festival has a lot in store for the visitors and tourists in the way of exotic himachali food, local artefacts exhibition and sale, fashion shows, flower show, music concerts, dog shows and various other shows and contests.

This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show and it attracts tourists from all over the world and across India too. This is the time to relish and soak in the natural beauty of this place. Cool weather coupled with the festival timing makes it a wonderful vacation destination.

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