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Magha Naun Festival

Magha Naun festival is celebrated in a state of India named Himachal Pradesh which is the land of scenic and natural heavenly beauty. It has many magnificent fairs and festivals which are celebrated all over the year. The impact of these beautiful fairs and festivals is really great on the tourists from across the world. The various festivals and fairs denote the culture, tradition, beauty and civilization. One of these splendid festivals is Magha Naun festival.

There is no doubt that the people of the state Himachal Pradesh have deep love and regard for their fairs and festivals. They take participate in every festival with great passion, holiness and keenness. Mostly the festivals of this heavenly beautiful state are linked with the changes which take place due to different seasons. The glimpse of the lifestyle of the folks is apparently revealed by the way of celebrations of these sacred festivals and colorful fairs. These events also depict the culture, customs, rituals, beliefs and civilization. Well, people from all levels of the society take part in these festivals. So, above all, these illustrious festivals and fairs present the unity among people. However, there are also tribal festivals which have their own individuality as well.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

The beautiful festival of Magha Naun in Himachal Pradesh occurs at the end of month of Magha. The Magha month is the eleventh month according to the Hindu calendar. It is just like the January month according to the calendar of Gregorian.

In the religious calendars of lunar, Maagh, perhaps, starts on either on new moon or the full moon. It is approximately the similar time of the year. Moreover, it is generally the eleventh month of the year. It is named so because during this month, the full moon generally comes up close to or inside the star cluster which is called ‘Magha’. According to the solar religious calendars, Maagh starts with the entry of Sun into the Capricorn. It is generally the 10 month of the year.

Description About Magha Naun Festival

Well, this festival has immense importance among people and it also denotes the firm belief of people in celestial powers and faith in divinity. On the day of Magha Naun festival, all the people living in the surrounding areas gather at their neighboring or nearby temple. Since centuries, there is a firm belief of people that in the temple, the Gods communicate with their devotees. The Gods tell the devotees about what they have brought along with them from the heaven.

Apart from this, generally during this auspicious period, people also ask various questions to the priest with great faith and enthusiasm. The questions asked by people are mostly related to the future and the wellbeing of the families. However, with the hope of good harvest, people ask particular types of questions about crops as well. The glow on the faces of people adds to the beauty of festival. The faith of people in the words said by the priest is clear from their curiosity to know their unanswered questions.

Moreover, another interesting thing about this heavenly event is that during this festive time, the people bid butter to the Lingam in huge quantity in the temples of Shiva. There is a belief among people that if mouse does not eat it during the night then it is probably a good omen. Moreover, this thing also denotes a good harvest during the year. It sounds exceptional but it is practiced with great enthusiasm.

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