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The activities of Lake Norman imply to a gamut of experiences. From the adrenaline pumping water skiing to Fishing and motor boating, Lakes and water bodies offer a variety of facets to explore its vast shoreline. Numerous marinas add to the elegance of Lake Norman’s coast facilitating several boats related services and even a dedicated gas stop for refueling your boat. With no limitation on speed superfast motorized boats zip through the gleaming waters leaving people startled and even amazed.

Considering the Lake’s Beauty in Himachal Pradesh, one would see that Himachal has a number of lakes that are not only beautiful but also hold a specific religious significance too.

Some popular lakes in Himachal Pradesh and their Sports

Renuka Lake

Considered as one of the most gorgeous of all the lakes in Himachal, The renuka Lake is at a distance of 40 kms from Nahan and boasts of slopes around it. A majestic carnival is planned in the month of November to commit to memory of the grand family. Apart from the grand celebrations, Regular beatings and water sports are also organized.

Chamera Lake

The Chamera Lake is accompanied by a dam on the Ravi River. Located at a distance of 25 kms from Dalhousie on the Pathankot – Chamba highway, The Chamera Lake is famous for a inimitable feature which lies in the fact that the lake doesn’t have fishes which makes it ideal for water sports and swimming. Apart from this, one can take the ride of several boats, Canons etc to enjoy and submerge in the beautiful surrounding.

Govind Sagar Reservoir

Gobind sagar lies between Una and Bilaspur and is situated on the river Satuj and reaches its zenith of  Water adventures between October to November. Apart from the several boat races organized here, one can also take pleasure in ferry rides, fishing, kayaking, at Govind Sagar.

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