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Basoa Or Bishu Festival

Bishu or Basoa is a day to give warm welcome to the upcoming year with new dreams and wishes. People offer prayers and request their god to make the coming year lucky for them. Every single married woman praises the god and insists him to give affluence and prosperity to the villagers.

In Himachal Pradesh, the festival of Bishu or Basoa is organized at the very first day of Baisakh. Before three days from this festival, people start to make small Kodra (coarse grains) cakes and wrap them in leaves. At the day of this celebration, villagers invite their relatives and all married women to come and participate in the festival. They break the leaves of these cakes and eat them with sweet water containing jiggery and honey. This festival has been celebrated in order to show the suppliant of the coming year.

People especially make new clothes for the festival of Bishu or Basoa. They purchase ornamented accessories and flowers to decorate their houses beautifully while, use tiny bright lights to lit up their houses in the evening. All the villagers gather in a certain area to start their cultural programs. Adults and children sing local folk songs and dance in their traditional style to show their happiness and hopes. Special feasts have been organized and a number of sweet dishes are presented to the attendants. Normally, this is a cultural celebration for the villagers. The programs are really interesting and traditional. Villagers participate with full enthusiasm to celebrate this festival for the whole day. Bishu or Basoa is a traditional occasion of villagers organized to greet the New Year with new dreams and hopes. Villagers show their respect towards the god and married daughters are required to pray for the success and prosperity of the villagers. Himachal Pradesh is one of those cities where this festival is celebrated with its full colors and efficiently shows the brotherhood and harmony among the people.

Month of Celebration of the Festival

Bishu or Basoa is organized at the first day of Baisakh, the indigenous and farming folks participate in this festival with full enthusiasm and devotion. Normally before three days from Bishu, people start to make cakes with Kodra flour and cover them with leaves. And on the day of this celebration, these cakes are broken down and villagers begin to enjoy the cakes with sweet water having jiggery and honey. Attendants sing ritual songs and the festival goes with full swing begging the New Year to bring success for the villagers.

Description About Basoa and Bishu

People of Chamba region in Himachal Pradesh organize some village plays or Jataras to tribute their queen Sui. It is a place which is completely full of sounds of dancing and music. Villagers sing sad songs on the life of queen Sui in order to revitalize the old memories. In Jataras, villagers perform on the incidents and stories of mythological and religious epics. People of Kinnaur region in Himachal Pradesh know this event with the name Bishu. Residents also prepare savory gruel food named as Doon on the day and celebrate and eat the food together. In regions where Basoa or Bishu festivals are not organized also mark the starting of New year. On the occasion, people dress up their gods in special robes. Their brass masks are also cleaned and after polishing, they become ready for worship. In the morning on this festival, married daughters and every relative is invited to come and participate in the event. Everyone enthusiastically sings ritual songs. The mode of celebration in every region of Himachal Pradesh is almost same. So, if you are willing to see the glimpses of traditional and simple life style of these people have a trip to Himachal Pradesh and experience colorful happenings in the state. The festivals and fairs organized in the city will provide a vibrant image about the truthfulness of the residents.

In Himachal Pradesh, another festival is organized called Bala but it is a kind of event which is celebrated once in four years. In this day, all weapons associated with the goddesses are elicited for cleaning. People make two teams and play like a mock battle. The winning team of this battle returns to the region rejoicing and singing. Then goddesses are taken around in the palanquins. It has been believed that all evil ghosts and spirits go into this palanquin and certainly raise the weight. A number of dances are performed with these historical weapons as well.

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