Kinnaur can be described as a humble adobe for those who are considered halfway between human and gods by the mythological tales. This district is located at the Himalayan mountain ranges and seen on the basis of geographical boundaries. As said earlier, this place has found its names in the pages of mythology and along with that it has also topped the list of the tourist destination because of its ravishing natural beauty.

Kinnaur is located in the border area of India and Tibet and that is why it has a predominant culture of Buddhism which is blended with some cultural influence from the religion of Hinduism. The beauty of this place does not lie only in the nature but also in the kind of lifestyle and culture that prevails among the people in this part.

Places to See in Kinnaur

Kinnaur the heavenly place is amazing by itself. This place is serene and thus proves to be a perfect option for you to not only treat your eyes but your soul as well. But, the places surrounding Kinnaur are also very attractive in their own way and are worth visiting.

  • Kalpa: This place is like the jewel in the crown of the Kinnur Kailash range. It is stunningly beautiful and visiting the place will surely give you a memory which you can preserve for a lifetime.
  • Sangla: This is a valley and a village which is absolutely picturesque with its lush green background. Wherever you look at this place its green and that is because of the fact the soil here is very fertile.
  • Leo: It is situated on the bank of river Spiti and this place has a very old temple namely the Jamato which is a fine specimen of the ancient culture of the place.
  • Ribba: This place is known for its fine grapes. Also, the village provides the tourists with an option for lodging to see and explore the true nature of the mountains.
  • Chitkul: It is situated on the bank of the Bapsa River. This place is the highest village in the Bapsa valley. Here one can find some fine architectural specimen in the temples. One of whom is around 500 years old.
  • Morang: This village temple has an arc which has got 18 “mukhs” representing the eighteen days of Mahabharata. This arc is made of gold, silver and brass and is something you will not want to miss. Moreover, the path leading to this village has an orchid farm in between which makes the journey more pleasurable.

Kinnaur Cuisine

Kinnaur is influenced by the culture of both India and Tibet and has a considerable effect on the lifestyle of the people mainly when it comes to the aspect of foods. One can expect to treat their taste buds with the local hill Cuisines and alongside the delicious Tibetan cuisines can also be expected. Some of the most famous foods which are available in this place are Sha Phaley, De-Thuk, Dre-si, etc.

Where and What to Shop in Kinnaur

Shopping is something that one cannot miss while going for a holiday at this serene location. One can find the best kind of local crafts here which are prepared by the local people and are the evidences of a fine quality of cultural heritage. And, you can also find many small shops scattered all around the place from where you can collect a memoir of your beautiful trip.

Climate and Best Time to Visit Kinnaur

This place always has such a kind of climate which is cool yet soothing. In winter times, this place becomes inaccessible due to heavy snowfall and the climate also turns bitter. In summer days, the climate stays pleasant but one may experience light shivers during the summer nights. That is why it is no doubt that the best time to visit this place is during the summer which is from June to September.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport of Kinnaur is in Shimla and this place can be accessed from all the major cities of India.

By Rail

If one is travelling by rail, then Shimla is the nearest railway station. Shimla is such a place which has connections with all the major cities of the country.

By Bus

One can hire a taxi or take a bus from Shimla to reach Kinnaur though the serene and beautiful mountain roads.

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