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Himachal Pradesh Travel Information

There is no end to beauty and opulence in Himachal Pradesh and if you do have intention to visit the part of the land you have to know things better. This was a region considered as the habitat of a tribe known as Dasas. Later on the tribe was populated by the famous Aryans. There was a time when the chief of the hills had to accept the supremacy of the Mauryan Dynasty and one after the other the tribe was made to pay allegiance to the Guptas, Kushanas and the Kanuaj sovereignties. At the time of the Mughals there was a kind of mutual agreement between the Mughal Emperors and the Rajas of the Hills. However, it was during the 19th Century that many states were being ruled and annexed by Raja Ranjit Singh.

People fondly refer Himachal Pradesh as the Dev Bhumi of India. This is due to its all encompassing natural charm and for this the state remains one of the bests in Northern India. Himachal Pradesh lies in the lap of Himalayas and every year you have innumerable tourists flocking the place. The destination remains special with diversified topographical specialties and makes Himachal Pradesh a real unique destination.

Just have a look and you would be fascinated with the peaks covered with snow and the green deodar forests seem so thick, lush and dense. You can even have a look at the green apple orchards and the red apple orchards and feel the freshness of the nature. You can simply feel the cleanness in the air. In fact, absolute greenness is the specialty of the state of Himachal Pradesh.
When you set out to travel don’t forget to take the travelling map along with you as Himachal Pradesh is the land of opulence and diversity. The entire state covers an area of 21495 sq kilometers, and this makes it essential for tourists to carry a travelling guide wherever they move. You have some of the best guide published by domestic and international publishers. These are guides to help you know about the best towns of Himachal Pradesh.

Both international and domestic tourists flock to Himachal Pradesh and this forms the part of economy in this part of the land. However, some of the most important places that you simply cannot miss out are as follows.


Shimla is better known as the summer capital of India. In fact, this one is termed as the crown of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is popular to the world for its uniqueness in the genres of urban forestry, architecture, range of alpine tress, and a gamut of special tourist spots. People just love to come to the place for fun and recreation.


Manali is known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. The place stands at a distance of 40 kilometers from Kullu. Manali holds the best of attractions of Himachal Pradesh. This is a favorite spot for enthusiastic vacationers.


Dharamsala remains snow capped for most time of the year. This is the best of the best places you can treasure while you are on a tour in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamsala is known to be a chilled destination and the snow covered regions are just fabulous. The diversified flaunting of flora and fauna can really make you feel on top of the world. You can even shop with satisfaction at some of the notable Tibetan shopping outlets.

Things to do in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a rich land endowed with beautiful hill stations. These days this is being regarded as a popular tourist hub because summers are no doubt pleasant and special. You have innumerable things to pursue in Himachal Pradesh. This is a notable spot with picturesque bazaars, and the dense forests would make you love to go for expeditions. Trekking through the best of landscape is a real specialty of HP. Some of the best destinations to visit include Chamba, Kullu, Dharamsala, Shimla, Dalhousie, Manali and the rest. The opulence of these places is sure to help you have a great holiday time.

There are lots of fun activities to pursue in Himachal Pradesh. You would just love to go about shopping at the place. The best items to buy are shawls, wooden articles, funky jewelries, pickles, handicrafts, local tweeds, Tibetan carpets, freshly baked breads, jams and other good things to enjoy. It is really cool going for trekking, golfing, camping, angling and river rafting at various destinations in HP. The expeditions are truly sensational. If you love adventure no destination can be better than Himachal Pradesh. You have some of the most wonderful conventional places like old villages, temple and churches to visit and feel great.

Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

Some of the best items to buy in Himachal Pradesh are handicrafts, items intricately made with metals, wonderful shawls, handmade pullovers, and you even have local tweeds to enjoy. Shopping is made all the more enjoyable with rare wooden articles, semi precious stone items, beads, baskets and the famous Kullu shawls.

You have the most fantastic carpets at display in HP. The items are available with elaborate dragon patterns and the impression of flowers, birds and trees and the lucky emblem of swastika are some of the traditional patterns being used on the carpets.

To feel pleased you have the wonderful, Chamba made head scarves. These are cotton made with bright and attractive prints. You even have rings and bangles exclusively made from horse hair. You can take home the pretty traditional dolls and hankerchiefs beautifully embroidered and these are items to help you cherish your tour of Himachal Pradesh.

Some of the other best items you can shop for are paintings from Kangra and Chamba. Here you would find the royal illustrations of the ancient dynasties, and moreover the romantic Hindu mythological tales too colored and illustrated with hued organic pigmentation are sure to make you feel delighted. You even have woodcrafts made of walnut, extracts from the mulberry trees and even chestnuts. The wooden materials appear great in shapes of beer mugs, rosaries, jewelries, fruit bowls and the rest.

Some of the other interesting things to buy in Himachal Pradesh are back-slung baskets, baskets for eggs and harvested crops and you even have baskets prepared with canes. Silver tea pots and lamp stands are some of the other attractions of the place.

Activities in Himachal Pradesh

If you are a lover of sports here you have the best of activities to enjoy. In fact, there is no end to external activities in Himachal Pradesh. Some of the notable things you can enjoy at the place include angling, golfing, rock climbing, hang gliding, camping, para gliding, river rafting and you have host of other sensational activities.


You can have a great camping experience in HP. The tourists are provided with wonderful accommodations and you have other wonderful outdoor activities to take part in. Some of the most important camping sites in HP are Sangla Valley, Sarchu, Lahaul, a place called Kinnaur in Kalpa, Dharamsala in Kangra, Tabo in Spiti, and you even have the wonderful Chail and Pabbar Valleys.

You can simply go for camping at the Banjara Camps based in Sagla. The tents are all Swiss styled and this makes the expeditions more memorable and special. You even have the green forest to feel great and have a perfect unwinding. The collection of diversified flora and fauna is sure to help you feel utmost delighted. You find colorful birds and special venues to walk through and feel pleased.

If you are on camping in HP some of the essential items to carry include warm blankets, spare batteries, candles, a standard map and torches to find way if there is not enough light. In case you are a bird watcher you can carry binoculars and cameras for the best of visual pleasure. These birds are mostly found in the forests of Himachal Pradesh.

Hang-gliding and Para-gliding

If you want the best of HP experience, you can simply opt for hang gliding. In the affair you would be guided by a personal instructor so that you can try out things with safety and precaution. With the sort of assistance you can well explore the Biling Peak in the district of Kangra.

Para gliding is the other most important activity to pursue in Himachal Pradesh. You can go for paragliding both on flat lands and mountains. Some of the notable destinations for paragliding are Bhaikali, Bundla Dhar, Kullu Valley and even the Knagra Hills. The best time for paragliding starts from the month of May and continues till October when the climate is particularly sunny and bright.

River Rafting

People who love adventure can really go for rafting on the rivers. Rafting also takes place in the lake area of Himachal Pradesh. You have some of the best rivers to try out rafting and these may include Sutlej in Shimla, Ravi in Chamba, Chandrabhaga in Lahaul, Spiti in Spiti Valley and Beas in Kullu.

If you love rafting but you are novice you can pursue the sport in the Gobind Sagar Lake in Bilaspur. You can even try out for the activity in the Chamera Lake in Dalhousie and even the Pandoh Lake in the place of Kullu. However, it is essential for you to know that summer time is the best to try out the activities as the water remains extremely cool during the winter season. If you love rafting it is important that you avoid the monsoon time when it is almost impossible to avoid the strong water currents. Thus, monsoon is not the suitable time for rafting.

If you don’t know how to swim it won’t at all be a problem as there are experts to help you try out the sport. You even have camps to lend you with essential equipments once you pay them the legitimate rent.

Rock Climbing

In Manali you have the perfect Rocky Mountains to climb and be happy. However, some of the famous regions are Hanuman Tibba, Kund Region, Deo Tibba, and Shitidhar Peak. You even have some of the trained specialties who can help you best in trying out the sport with immense expertise. If you have never pursued rock climbing before it would be advisable to try out the gentle slopes at the beginning, and then opt for the steep ones. To move freely you need to have comfortable shoes for walking and it is even advisable to carry maps and medications.


You have the fantastic slope of Kufri and Narkanda and they remain snow covered in most times of the year. These are best destinations for the skiers and they love pursuing the activities during the chilled winter months.

Manali is regarded as the land for skiing and people just love to go for the activity at the particular destination. Snowfall is a call to interesting and entertaining mountainous sports. You can start skiing in November and the sport has scopes till the month of June.

If you love skiing but have never tried out the sport before, the best place would be Solang Nallah and here beginners can go for 100 meters ski running. Rotang Pass is the other most popular destination for mind boggling activities and the place remains covered with snow for most of the time. Never miss out on skiing boots and jackets if you are really interested to go for skiing in Himachal Pradesh.


In Himachal Pradesh you have some of the best trekking paths. You have the best trailing courses from places like Mcleodganj-Chamba in Dharamshala, in Kullu it is Sar Pass and it is Beas Kund in a place known as Manali.

You even have some of the moderate treks in Manali and they are Chanderkhani Pass, then you have Kullu Manali and you can even talk about Manali-Chander Tal vis Hamta Pass in Manali.

If you are in search of trekking tracks which are comparatively difficult, you can easily refer to Pin Parvati Pass in Kullu and you can even talk about Kinner Kailash Circuit in Tribal Kinnaur.
Trekking through the Chali Forest is real fun. It is a wonderful experience going through oaks and cedars and here you even get to see species which are on the verge of extinction.

Festivals and Events in Himachal Pradesh

The most notable festivals of Himachal Pradesh include Sippi Fair, Dusshera and the most popular Doongri. These are unique festivities being conducted with real zeal.

Himachal Pradesh knows the best way to celebrate the festival of Dusshera. This is an epical occasion celebrating the victory of Rama over Ravana or you can even put it as the joy of good over the bad. The festival starts after ten days of the appearance of the new moon. The celebration is commemorated on the months of September and October and it carries on for a continuous time of seven days. However, like any other state at the place the festival does not end with the burning of the dummy of Ravana. Here lies the uniqueness of the festivity.

In the month of May you have the other most unique festival being held in Himachal Pradesh and this one is known as Sipi Fair. On the same month you have the Doongri Festival being held. This is a special occasion being conducted with the name of Goddess Hadimba. In Mandi you have the most popular festival being held and this one is known as the pious Shivratri. On the occasion all idols from the various temples of the similar district are sifted to the Temple of Bhutnath.

In Chamba you have two festivals being celebrated. In the later part of July or in the initial days of August you have the Chamba Festival being celebrated. Either in March or in April you have the Sui Festival being celebrated with lots of zeal.

Reach Himachal Pradesh

It is easy reaching HP via road. On road the area is well connected to the other major cities in several parts of the country. On road it is 353 kilometers from New Delhi and as you pass you have to touch upon Chandigarh. From Ambala it is a distance of 151 kilometers on road, from Chandigarh it is a distance of 117 kilometers and it is 240 kilometers from a place known as Dehradun. HP even has an easy link with Pathankot based in the heart of Punjab.

You can even conveniently reach Himachal Pradesh by rail. However, lack of rail line due to the occurrence of lofty hills makes it a bit difficult, but still there are ways you can reach the place. Kalka is the closest railway station and it stands at a distance of 90 kilometers from HP. You have frequent train services from Ambala to Kalka and vice versa. The train makes its way through a narrow gauge line.

In case you are an international tourist you can easily opt for Indira Gandhi International Airport. In Kullu too you have an airport and it stands at a distance of 23 kilometers from HP. You even have frequent and in fact daily flight arrangements between Kullu and Delhi.

Climate of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is noted and made popular with the natural occurrence of the mountain ranges. Climate and weather in HP is not the same everywhere due to the usual differences in elevation. The altitude varies from 450 meters to 6500 meters. You have the hot regions and the sub humid tropical zones and the elevation ranges between 450 to 900 meters. The area of the south low tracks has the temperate and the warmer areas and here the altitude varies between 900 to 1800 meters. You even have the cool and the temperate regions and here you find an elevation of 1900 to 2400 meters. The cold alpine zone along with the glacial range is just fantastic with an elevation between 2400 to 4800 meters.

Once it is October time you find the nights and the mornings extremely chill. Snowfalls are caused at heights of 3000 meters and the process continues from December till March. It is unending snow at an elevation of 4500 meters. The prime season for snow is spring and this takes place from the middle of February till, March and April. At the time the air remains absolutely fresh and cool. You find the best of flowers growing in the valley making the background appear immensely colorful. You have dense forests on the mountain slopes and the meadows look immensely thick and lush. The steams are overfilled with water and the springs are completely sufficed by nature. You have heavy rainfalls during the moths of July and August. Never ending rainfall may lead to floods and landslides disrupting the life of the common men.

In Himachal Pradesh you have maximum rainfall at a place called Dharamsala. The average rainfall being 340 mm. Spiti is the driest of all. Here rainfall occurs below 50 mm. This place has mountains in all corner

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Himachal Pradesh Travel Information
Himachal Pradesh Travel Information
Himachal Pradesh Travel Information
Himachal Pradesh Travel Information
Himachal Pradesh Travel Information
Himachal Pradesh Travel Information

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