Losar Festival


Losar festival is the Tibetans New Year festival. Losar is one of the beautiful and religious fair/festival of the heavenly scenic state of India. This fair is among all those festivals/fairs which bring everyone near to the civilization and practices of the state. It is celebrated chiefly in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. It denotes the start of winter season in this beautiful valley.

It was first celebrated in the Lhokha region of Tibet. During this period, people used to know it from the name Agrarian Festival. First day of fair is called 'Lama Losar' which is also called the 'Festival of the Guru and His Holiness called Dalai Lama', the Tibetan’s leader. He is worshiped on this day and big really is taken out in his honor. In India, the Losar fair is celebrated for 3 days though in other countries, the days of celebration of this fair can be more or less.

During the time of Losar fair celebrations, one does not drink champagne to celebrate it. Instead, everyone goes to the neighboring spring to perform a ritual of thankfulness. Everyone makes offerings to the nagas (Snakes), the water spirits who activates water constituent in the area. People make smoke contributions to the local spirits which are related with the nature around us.

On the day of Losar fair, in the morning time a particular preparation of parched barley commingled with butter milk is taken by all the members of family.  After this, they wear garlands of chilgoza. Thereafter, folks pay a visit to their neighbors and acquaintances are reciprocated. They exchange the greetings of losuma tashi which means happy New Year. Moreover, elderly people also pour their blessings on the young ones. A few days before the losar fair (2 or 3days) khepa are observed. On this event, it is habitual to get petite twigs of a thorny bush and then to put it on the doors. It is so to avert the evil spirits. On the next day these thorny branches are abstracted and are thrown at a distant from the village. Finally, a feast is arranged in the night.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

According to English calendar, Losar fair is celebrated amid the months of November and December. The celebration of this fair goes on from mid November and persists till the first week of the month December.

Description About Losar

Losar is also called Bal Gyal Lo. Bal means Tibet, Gyal means King, Lo means year. Well, the new year of Tibetan has been celebrated since the enthronement celebration of first King. It commenced with the first King. This is the reason that it has been called Bal Gyal Lo.

This fair symbolizes inflaming the lamps by the local folks. The sacred lamps are burnt by the people in front of the local divinity called Kimshu. The Darshid songs are also sung early in the morning.   During bidding prayers to deity, people craft various square lumps of flowers known as Brang-Gyas . Then the flowers are kept in a plate. After it, various statues of deities are brought by the people. Moreover, lumps beside the figures of domestic animals are gathered there in. Well, the crux is that every statue and figure has to be in odd number.

This fair/festival was celebrated for the first time in the region of Lhokha Yarla Shampo of Tibet. This fair was known as Agrarian Festival during that time. It was so because it was celebrated when the trees of apricot bloomed. The Losar fair is generally celebrated for 3 days. However, perhaps, in a strictly traditional Tibetan family, it carries on for 10 days. The primary day of this fair is called 'Lama Losar' or it may be known as the fair of the Guru and His sanctity The Dalai Lama. During the fair, a procession is carried out in devotion to divinity.

Actually, it depicts the tale of the cruel King of Tibetan known as Langdarma who was slaughtered in the 9th century.  During the celebrations of Losar fair, the local divinity is adored to make sure the contentment and prosperity in winters.

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