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The Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states of India which is located amidst the Himalayan ranges. Magnificent views and spectacular landscapes attract a number of tourists and therefore it is also known as a traveler’s paradise. This state is known for old temples, deep gorges, ancient monasteries, snow peaked mountains, meadows, mountains, flowing rivers and lots more that you can explore. With plenty of lovely hill stations located around Himachal Pradesh, it is a popular tourist destination offering many adventurous sports like para gliding, trekking, skiing, ice skating, mountaineering, golfing etc.

Being a popular tourist spot, the Himachal Pradesh government has focused on upbringing the tourism of this state and promoting it on a global level. Every year millions of visitors come to Himachal Pradesh and are taken away with breathtaking views and natural beauty which enhance the atmosphere. Government wants more tourists to visit this state and that is why it is working on infrastructure of the state, its surroundings, modifying historical monuments and lots of other activities that would impress the local as well as the international visitors. A number of new activities have been also introduced to seek the attention of people and provide them a better experience. Tourism department of Himachal Pradesh is also focusing on village tourism, wildlife tourism, adventure tourism, pilgrimage sites etc to attract more people.

In order to assist the people, Himachal Pradesh tourism department has opened information centers so that tourists could gather information about hotels, tourist spots, transportation options and other traveling tips that they want to know. The visitors can collect this information through tourism guides, travel booklets and route maps that offer detailed information that you might be looking for. With the help of official site of the Himachal Pradesh tourism, you can easily book your hotels and various packages that offered to visitors. There are plenty of packages which can be opted by tourists depending on their choice. Special arrangements are made for activities like river rafting, skiing, ice skating, camping, para gliding etc so that people could have lots of fun and make their journey an everlasting experience.

Travel Tips for International and National Travellers

  • The international tourists must have a VISA so that they can visit India and enjoy their stay. For more information tourists can contact the Foreigners' Regional Registration Officer who can guide you in the right direction.

  • Special permission (Inner Line Permits) is needed to explore some parts of the Spiti, Lahaul, Kinnaur and Tibet border. This permission can be received from Deputy Commissioner of Lahaul, SDM Manali and Deputy Commissioner of Kinnaur and Keylong.

  • Change the currencies at genuine Foreign Exchange Outlets/Banks/Hotels only and get exchange done instantly.

  • Explore the traditions of Himachal Pradesh and enjoy attractions with your family. You can also take the help of tourist offices to get better information.

  • You should enter mosque, dargah, temple and Gurdwara without shoes as it is mandatory. Everyone should cover their head and follow religious practices properly.

  • Carry your ID card and passport along with you.

  • Take the help of local authorities while exploring local places.

  • The weather conditions are different in summers and winters so it will be better that you collect prior information before visiting different destinations. Una, Sirmour and Kangra are really hot during summers and cool in winters. Similarly places like Kullu, Chamba, Spiti and Lahaul have moderate climate during summers and cool in winters.

  • Look for hotels or guesthouses that are registered under the department of tourism. You can confirm this by checking their certificate.

  • The charges of potters are usually fixed so take help of the tourism department in looking for a potter who can assist you in a better way.

  • While travelling to the Himalayas, make sure that you dispose bio degradable as well as non degradable substances properly.

  • Plastic is completely banned in Himachal Pradesh, so use paper bags and other carry bags.

  • The government emporiums are location in different regions including Kinnaur, Shimla, Kullu, Rekong Peo, Mandi, Chamba, Bilaspur and many other locations. Other destination where these emporiums are situated is Chandigarh, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. You can explore a vast collect of handicrafts that are designed by best craftsmen. Ask for a receipt while purchasing these items.

  • The usage of electrical appliances is limited to 220V only.


  • To explore local areas of Himachal Pradesh, take help of HPTDC offices that provide the best bus services to enjoy the sightseeing.

  • Photography is open to a few locations only, thus it will be good that you make yourself familiar with rules and regulations existing around the state. This can be best accomplished through the tourism centers.

  • Hotels and restaurants accept credit cards but it will be advisable to carry some cash as well.

  • Visit the official website of HPTDC so that you can get hotels booked before you visit the place. Online payment facility through debit or credit cards is also available.

  • The banks are open from Monday to Saturday and their timings are 10 am to 2 pm and 10 am to 12 pm on Saturdays. Facility of evening counters is also available but only for foreign currencies.

  • Contact the police station if you have lost your belongings.

  • This state has many STD/ISD/FAX booths to help the visitors.

  • In case of any medical facilities, you can easily find government hospitals and private clinics and nursing homes.

  • Collect route maps and travel booklets from the Tourism department office.

  • Tourists should have travel insurance before traveling to any state or country to obtain the claim.

  • Only a few selected stations provide the facility of unleaded petrol.

  • While going on adventurous trips, make sure that you carry food, clothes, water and other necessary stuff for a better experience.

  • It is important to seek permission while going on adventurous trips like skiing, trekking, paragliding, golfing and many more. This permission can be obtained from the SDM or tourist offices as well.

  • Do not forget to take a guide or an instructor along with you while going on any adventurous trips. The tourism department provides guides to all tourists for a wonderful experience.

  • You might need important numbers at any time, so it is better that you have a record of these numbers. You can call them at any time whenever you need their help or assistance.


  • Never stand near the banks of the river or on an edge of a mountain for phtography. It can be dangerous and fatal too.

  • Stay away from beggars.

  • Polythene is banned in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Smoking in public places is prohibited according to the government rules.

  • Avoid taking eatables from unknown people or traveler.

  • Take help of the tourism department to assist you while traveling and do not seek help from private sources as they usually charge a lump sum amount of money.

  • Do not buy stuff that is made from animals as it may not be genuine and you will end up wasting your money.

  • Keep the environment safe and free from any kind of pollution.

  • Do not leave important items in your hotel room but keep it in safe areas. Carry cash safely and stay away from thieves.

  • Stay away from unknown people and consult your hotel for any information.

  • Do not bring any illegal substance which is banned in the state.

  • Permission of photography is limited to certain places only so follow the guidelines.

Tourist Choices

Explore any one of these beautiful destinations of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Shimla

  • Fagu

  • Naldehra

  • Chindi

  • Darlaghat

  • Parwanoo

  • Kasauli

  • Barog

  • Kiarighat

  • Rajgarh

  • Renuka Ji

  • Paonta Sahib

  • Chail

  • Narkanda

  • Rampur

  • Sarahan

  • Kharapathar

  • Rohroo

  • Kullu

  • Manikaran

  • Naggar

  • Mandi

  • Rewalsar

  • Swarghat

  • Bilaspur

  • Manali

  • Keylong

  • Jawalamukhi

  • Chintpurni

  • Chamunda Devi

  • Dharamshala

  • Palampur

  • Jogindernagar

  • Chamba

  • Khajjiar

  • Dalhousie

  • Hamirpur

  • Deothsidh

  • Kinnaur

  • Kalpa

  • Kaza

  • Keylong

Himachal Pradesh offers a well developed transportation system; therefore you can easily find transport options to different locations like Kullu, Solan, Shimla, Manali, Bilaspur etc. You have the finest buses and taxis that offer a comfortable experience to the visitors. Thus you can say that Himachal Pradesh is definitely the best state to explore with excellent facilities for tourists.

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Tourist Guides
Tourist Guides
Tourist Guides
Tourist Guides
Tourist Guides
Tourist Guides

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