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People who are foodie, Himachal Pradesh have cuisine in galore. Numerous dishes are served in the state. The food is either non vegetarian or vegetarian to the hilt. Himachali`s prepares traditional food during festivals and fairs. Due to cold weather, consumption of non vegetarian food is more than vegetarian. Most of the week residents of Himachal prefer eating red meat or wheat bread. The typical Himcahali food is known as ‘Pahari’ food. Commonly, you can easily find cereal preparation, meat and lentil in every house of the state. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and res chilies are commonly used spices in their food. Sweets and desserts are another mouth watering specialty of the state, Himachal Pradesh. Himachalis have also their own way of preparing tea. Himachalis prepare aromatic tea which is popularly known as ‘Kangra tea’.

Himachal is blessed with cold climate throughout the year. Ergo, the cuisine is prepared to gain efficient heat and energy to confront the weather. Milk and other dairy products are also vital part of their diet. Meat is consumed more than other food. The staple food of the state includes rice, paddy and maize. All the recipes of the state are potpourri of Punjab and Tibetan culture. Himachalis are fond of Luchi-Poti made of Lamb intestines. Makki i.e. corn flour tastes best when grounded with Panni ki Gharaats along with milk. This dish is mainly served in breakfast.

Famous Himachalis Food

The state, Himachal Pradesh, is famous local dish is Sidu. It is a kind of bread made of wheat flour molded along with yeast and the dough, followed to rise for 4 to 5 hours. Famous Sidu is a kind of bread made from wheat. Wheat flour is kneaded with yeast; dough is made to rise for about 4-5 hours. Later it is stuffed with fat, roasted over slow fire and finally steamed for few minutes. Sidu is eaten up with ghee, mutton or dal. Ankalo is another festive dish of the state. Ankola is made with rice flour. Aktori, made up of leaves of buckwheat mixed along with wheat flour is prepared into pancakes in the dry Lahaul-Spiti valley.  Specialty of Sirmaur is Patange which is a sort of cake.

Food for summers in Himachal Pradesh

Is another food that Himachalis love to have in summers. It is a easily digestible fermented food made from wheat in Kangra, Bilaspur, Mandi Hamirpur, and Kullu districts of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Food for winters in Himachal Pradesh

What the Himachalies love is the sizzling Luchi-Poti or Lamb Intestines in the winter season. It is one of their favourite dishes. ‘Pahari Madra’ is another delicious recipe from the state. It is made of Rajmah or Kabuli Chana or Raungini with pure desi ghee. Makki or Lentils and spices with Chhachh or buttermilk are eaten by hardy mountain folk.

Food for Special occasions in Himachal Pradesh

Dham is a traditional meal of the state generally prepared on festivals. It is cooked by 'botis'. Botis are a sect in Brahmins who are chefs from generations. The preparation starts from the earlier night. The meal is generally served in leaf plates. This specially prepared meal is essentially served in Manali food. In Chamba region, dham is served with rice, rajmah and moong dal. Dham is often followed by boor-ki-kari with a dark lentil.

This special food of Himachal Pradesh is also served with deserts that include a sour or sweet sauce made of tamarind and jiggery. Other dessert is sweet rice mixed with raisins and dry fruits.

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