Phagli Festival

Phagli Festival is celebrated every year in Himachal Pradesh with much fanfare. Visitors throng the villages of Himachal Pradesh to partake in the festivities. The festival provides the perfect escape from the humdrum of daily life. Locals find a relief from the monotonous existence and partake in the festivities to celebrate life, colour and happiness. Himachal Pradesh, which is rightly

called an Abode of Clouds, forms the perfect backdrop for this marvellous festival. This land of exquisite beauty forms a fantastic setting for the Phagli fair as well

The festival of Phagli boasts of not just a fantastic location but also a foray into the lives of local villagers. It provides a wonderful ambience as well as a unique macroscopic view of the Indian traditions and culture. Locals as well as tourists gather every year to celebrate this unique festival and usher in the month of Phalgun – spring. The reasons behind this festival are numerous. The most commonly understood reason is obviously to celebrate spring, but there are other mythical and historical reasons behind this festival. The Phagli festival celebrates the essential victory of good over evil, the supremacy of divine powers over demons. It also commemorates the killing of a demon by the local god, who the local villagers prayed to for their safety.

The same way as the finest and most gorgeous things in the world are simply to be perceived and not to be seen and heard, quite the same way, the passion of spring is only to be felt and enjoyed thus. The Phagli Fair, with its unique intensity, its vibrant colours and warm hospitality is just like spring – magical and indescribable.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

Every year, in the month of Phalgun, in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, the Phagli Festival is celebrated with much fanfare. In fact, the name of the festival – Phagli – is derived from the name of this month of Phalgun. The Hindu month of Phalgun falls in the months of February – March according to the Roman calendar. This is the time of spring in the Indian subcontinent and the Phagli Festival is organised to celebrate the oncoming of the beautiful season of spring.

Each year, the Phagli Festival is organised with widespread merriment and great elaboration. Cheerful locals from the nearby villages drop by to take part in the extensive festivities. Men and women adorn their brightest costumes and visit the fair organised to commemorate the spring season, and carousing children enjoy the festival to its fullest.

The month of Phalgun which signals the end of winter and the commencement of spring is symbolic of growth. The Phagli Festival forms the perfect backdrop to celebrate the season of spring, which, for the most part, is synonymous with new life and fresh beginnings. Obviously then, it makes sense to celebrate these new beginnings with gaiety and extensive festivities, which the Phagli festival does with much panache.

Description of The Phagli Fair in Himachal Pradesh

The Phagli fair is one of the most important festivals of North India, especially for the locals of the state of Himachal Pradesh, which forms the perfect backdrop for this festival. Organised in Malana in Himachal Pradesh, this festival is a unique celebration of good over evil. During the festival, wearing yellow barley grass on one’s clothing is customary and greeting fellow revellers involved offering this grass. The specialty of yellow barley is that it is grown entirely in shade.

One of the numerous legends associated with the festival is the story of the demon Tundi Rakshas. According to this legend, Tundi Rakshas was troubling the people of the villages Mala and Archhandi. The villagers prayed to Shandalya Rishi, who, in turn, called on the local god – Jamlu devta – who finally killed the demon. During the Phagli fair, all the villagers from the nearby villages of Jana, Malana, Halan and Soil, get together and worship Jamlu Devta to commemorate this event. Irrespective of class or caste, everyone gathers together during the festival and there is an exchange of ideas along with entertainment and trade which is the staple in any fair.

During the festival, one can also buy local specialties; handmade cutlery items and utensils are a major hit with the visitors of the fair. Local photographs and art made in the traditional styles, along with pottery items and joy rides are the staple in the fair.

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