Himachal Pradesh has a wide variety of flora and fauna. They have two major natural parks and two sanctuaries, marking themselves as the largest number in the Himalayan regions. It has around 359 animal species and 1200 birds approximately. Snow leopard is known as their state animal and one also gets to see musk deer and ghoral. It offers an endless quest for worldwide tourists, trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Zoos and aviaries have contributed a lot in creating awareness about the Himalayan animals and they are located at vantage points. Due to varied agro-climatic zones, it has been possible to set up these ex-situ conservation centers across different zones to keep the captive animals in a natural habitat as required. There are now recognized zoological parks at Kufri, Renuka and Gopalpur and aviaries at Shimla, Sarahan and Chail.

Famous Zoos

Gopalpur Zoo

Gopalpur zoo in Himachal Pradesh was established by the wildlife department of Himachal government and is located on Dharamshala, Palampur road in Kangra district. It spreads over a vast area and it is certainly a nice place to visit and can spend quality time there. It provides a good view of Dhauladhar Mountain Range.

One can see Asiatic Lion, Leopard, Red fox, Sambar, Peacock, Deer, Vultures and Eagles. The major attraction is the Himalayan black bear. Monal, the state bird is also found there. The entry fee of the zoo is also very nominal and it is a home for many animals and birds.

Manali Zoo

It is worth visiting the Manali Zoo which houses the finest of pheasants of Rewalsar Zoo of Himalchal Pradesh. The state bird of Manali is the Monal, which is housed here. Various other species of birds and animals are found in this zoo.

Tourists must visit the Kufri Mini Zoo of Himachal Pradesh which is near Manali. Brown beer and Tibetian wolf stun the visitors and it’s a treat to their eyes to have a glance of the beautiful birds and animals moving freely in their spacious cages. Manali provides the tourists with a thrilling experience of being a part of the exotic wildlife.

Renuka Mini Zoo

The Renuka Mini Zoo is situated in Sirmour district in Himachal Pradesh which is a must visit. It is comprised of dry mixed deciduous forest and dry Sal forest and it is the one of the oldest zoos of Himachal Pradesh. It has a good network of roads. The fauna of the area includes Sambhar, Chinkara, Black Buck, etc. A spotted male deer, named Moti was the 1st animal that was brought to the shelter. During the visit of Hon’ble Lt. Governor R. R. Bahadur who was from Bhadari, the arrangement of female chital was made for Moti. This marked the foundation of the Renuka Zoo. In 1983 a park with huge open space was built; where Nilgai and Black Buck were brought from the Pipli Zoo. The Chief Minister was gifted a couple of Mithun by Sh. Rajiv Gandhi, in 1985, the then Prime Minister. One of them was transported from Arunachal Pradesh and the other was transported from Nagaland in 1986. A Lion and Lioness named Raja & Rani respectively were brought from Zunagarh during 1975. This resulted to a sudden multiplication in the animal count due to higher rate of breeding of animals.  People of the locality only have a right to enter the Renuka Temple and worship. Any illegal unlawful entry by the local villagers from nearby surrounding places is forbidden. Under the administrative power of Wildlife Division of Shimla, Renukaji Wildlife Range is managing the present Lion Safari, Zoo, Aviary and Sanctuary.

Dalhousie Kufri Zoo

Kufri Zoo offers a splendid experience to tourists who come to witness the beauty of wildlife in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Unique species like Monal, Musk Deer, Hangal and Brown Beer are found here. The prominent visit to Kufri Zoo from Dalhousie is an enthusiastic adventure. Buses or hired cars are available from travel agents to make the trip to Kufri Zoo easier. There is an excellent opportunity for skiing which is a lifetime experience. The scenery is beautiful which comprises of snow clad mountain ranges, luxuriant forests and salubrious weather.

During the time of summer and winter, it attracts tourists. Accommodation facilities are also available at the heritage hotel of the Wildflower Hall. The rich flora and fauna of this region enchants tourists from far-away places to come and visit the captivating beauty. The visit to Kufri Zoo is easy and convenient.

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