Pori Festival

Pori Festival is celebrated every year in Himachal Pradesh with much fanfare. The festival provides the perfect escape from the humdrum of daily life. Locals find a relief from the monotonous existence and partake in the festivities to celebrate life, colour and happiness. Visitors throng the Lahaul Valley in Himachal Pradesh to partake in the festivities. Himachal Pradesh, which is referred to as an Abode of Clouds, forms the perfect backdrop for this marvellous festival. This land of exquisite beauty forms a fantastic setting for the Pori Festival.

During the festival, the village comes alive with all sorts of lights and sounds and the sensory experience is paramount. To celebrate this abundant natural beauty, villagers gather and organise this fair Locals, along with tourists from across the country, celebrate the fair with great fervour every year.

The Lahaul valley of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is blessed with abundant beauty. Lahaul Valley, where this fair is organised, is rich in fauna and the sheer beauty of the region is a real sight to behold. With colourful vistas everywhere, the beauty of Himachal Pradesh is apparent during this time. Stalls are set up and locals sell a variety of items especially designed keeping in mind the tourist populace that visits the valley for the Pori Festival.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

During the months of July and August, this extraordinary festival is celebrated in the Lahaul valley in Himachal Pradesh. A grand fair is part of the festivities during this time where visitors from various parts of the country gather together and indulge in various activities. Men and women, old and young, students and professionals, all sorts of people visit Lahaul for the wondrous Pori Festival.

\The festival is celebrated on a grand scale. Various activities are part of the fair that is organized to celebrate this festival. Street plays, dances, songs, acrobatics, and games are all part of the festival and the fair. The festival of Pori boasts of not just a fantastic location but also a foray into the lives of local villagers. It provides a wonderful ambience as well as a unique macroscopic view of the Indian traditions and culture. Locals as well as tourists gather every year to celebrate this unique festival. The reasons behind this festival are numerous.

Description About Pori Festival

The state of Himachal Pradesh is renowned for its festivals and fairs. Every year, thousands of locals as well as tourists gather to celebrate a number of festivals in the wondrous state of Himachal Pradesh. One of these is the Pori Festival, which is an exceptional celebration of its kind, organised every year against the scenic Lahaul Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Some rituals are also duly followed in keeping with the rich cultural heritage of the state of Himachal Pradesh. During this festival, the local deity –Lord Trilokinath – is worshipped duly. A special butter lamp is lighted to appease the god and an extraordinary procession is taken out early in the morning. The Prasad distributed after the pooja is held in great reverence by the devotees who travel from far flung areas especially for this Prasad. This entire festival is a very sacred affair, especially among the Hindus.

The villagers join this procession to the temple of Lord Trilokinath and they dance, sing and beat drums on their way. At the head of the procession is a horse without a rider. It is the believed that the horse is being ridden by Lord Trilokinath who showers his blessings upon the locals as well as anyone who takes part in the festivities. The procession then goes to the house of the local king or ruler where the entire procession is welcomed at a grand scale.

In this entire celebration, the horse holds a place of extreme prominence and is greatly venerated. It is bathed in specialised sweet water, garlanded and decorated. Special rich and healthy food is also given to the horse which is considered to be the Lord’s transport. Post the grand welcome and feast, the king takes his place on the horse and rides at the head of the procession. He then inaugurates the fair and declares the festivities officially begun. On the way, as is the tradition, the king donates clothes and food to the needy.

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