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Khajjiar Mini Switzerland Of India

Kajjiar is known as the mini Switzerlnd of India. If you travel by road the place falls 23 kilometers from Dalhousie and from Kalatop the place lies at a distance of 13 kilometers. Khajjiar stands with a height of 6400 feet and as Hutchison puts its "Khajjiar is a forest glade of great beauty, 6400 feet above sea level".

The happy name given to Khajjiar is the "Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh". The beauty and charm of the place lie in the lush and dense greeny meadows and you even have the thick cedar and pine forests enhancing the pleasure of visiting the place. You have lots of animals grazing at the place and such a scenario really gives you a pastoral feel. The sight of milch cattle, goats and sheep make you have the right impression about the place. You have a meadow shaped like a saucer and this is perfectly endowed by a small lake with the view of a wonderful floating island. However, the lake does not hold the same charm as it has been overburdened with silt due to heavy rain. Still Khajjiar looks extremely quaint and the view is sure to elite your heart.

Keep the lake and move a few steps ahead to find the Khajji Nag Temple and this can be dated back to the 12th Century AD. The temple is much adorned with the images of the victorious Pandavas and the defeated and ashamed Kauravas. In short it has images from the epic of Ramayana. The temple sanctum has been wonderfully carved with wooden sculptures.

You have nothing to do at Khajjiar. You can sit idle at the place and contemplate at the wonderful scenic quality where everything seems just too good for visual entertainment. The scenery of a lake, horses and sheep grazing and the view of the pine and cedar woods really keep you awe stricken. Moreover, you can sit for hours and have a look at the gorgeous snow covered mountain tops. You can’t even deny the pleasure of going for Horse Riding and Para Gliding.

Khajjiar- Mini Switzerland

It was in the year 1992 on the date of 7th July that the Vice Counselor and the Head of Chancery of Switzerland Mr. Willy. T. Blazer in India made Khajjiar bright on the Indian Map and he christened the place as MINI Switzerland. The place became popular with the kind of identity and even a sign board has been put at the place mentioning Khajjiar's distance from Swiss capital Berne-6194 km. among the 160 locations in the entire world Khajjiar has close resemblances with the scenic views of Switzerland, and this makes the place so interesting and special.

Main Attractions of Khajjiar

Khajjiar Lake

The Lake of Khajjiar is literally an attraction and it has its location just 20 kilometers from Dalhousie. This is a perennial lake and it gets its water from the adjacent small streams. The Lake has an undeniable panoramic view and it look great among cedar hills and forests. This is such a wonderful place to spend time and it lies at a height of 1950 meters above the level of the sea. Lots of people come to the place and the locals love it as an ideal picnic spot.

Golden Devi Temple

You even have the Golden Devi Temple at Khajjiar and the temple has been named so due to the fabulous temple dome. You find the temple at the edge of Lake Khajjiar and the golden spire of the temple deserves special mention. You even have a gold course near the temple and lots of people come to the place who have a real love for the sport.

Khalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Another worth place to visit is the Khalatop Wildlife Sanctuary and the place looks great among coniferous and oak trees. The total area of the sanctuary is 19.63 sq km and it is much adorned with flocks of deer, jackal, black bear, Himalayan black martens, serow, leopard, wild cats and other interesting species. Here you even get to see birds and animals which are on the verge of extinction. The sanctuary is well positioned between Khajjiar and Dalhousie.

Panch Pandav Tree

The Panch Pandav Tree is fantastic green specie close to the rest house and the kind of the tree is extremely special and different. Though the tree is named as Panch Pandava the main root is divided into six parts and this makes it so special and one in its kind. When you are wandering in Khajjier this is one of the prime attractions you would love to watch on foot. From the rest house leads a route to a cure little village and you can even visit the Khajjiar School down the way. The local people have the belief that the six shoots stand for the panch or five Pandavas and their wide Dropadi. However, if you roam about in the Khajjiar Forest you can find innumerable trees with multiple shoots. There is one with 13 and this one has been designated as the Mother Tree in the entire locality.

Khajji Naga Shrine

In Himachal Pradesh the most conventional is the Khajjiar Temple and its holds the deity of the Khajji Nag. He stands for the Serpent God. The temple had its origin in the 12th Century and people love to have a visit of the place due to its wonderful wooden carvings. The prime attraction of the temple is the area designated as mandapa. Here you find the images of the Pandavas and you can even see the beaten Kauravas in a hanging position from the roof.

Horse Riding

The best way of travelling in Khajjiar is on horse. The kind of activity one can pursue in the lake area and it takes about Rs. 100 to 200 to sit on horseback and have an adjacent view of the place. However, a pony ride or a horse ride is the best of attraction of the summer season.


If you really want to have a best view of the Khajjiar Temple you can well trek the place and have a view of everything so right and pleasurable. The chain of hills which enclose Khajjiar is extremely wonderful and breathtaking. You can reach the top of the hill through trekking. People who come to Dalhousie for reasons of trekking never miss out the chance of having a view of Khajjiar. The route is extremely easy to understand and all old and young people can easily move down the way.

Climate and Best Time to Visit Khajjiar

During the winter months Khajjiar is immensely cold. Temperature can even go down the freezing point. You can enjoy heavy snowfall at the place and it is an altogether different feel. During the summer season the climate is absolutely mild and one is recommended to wear light woolen garments and even cotton clothes are suitable wears.

Khajjiar has a temperate type of a climate and it has three basic seasons of monsoon, winter and summer. However, all throughout the year you have tourists coming to the place and it would be best to come to Khajjiar during the months of April and February.

In Khajjiar summer starts in the month of March and it keeps continuing till the months of May, June and April. Climate at the time is quite pleasing and temperature during the summer season can go up to a maximum of 39 °C. The minimum temperature of Khajjiar is about 10 °C. However, mild winter is the best time for you to visit the place and the sort of pleasant weather really makes you feel great. It is always recommended to carry light woolen clothes on a tour at Khajjiar. Monsoon prevails in Khajjiar during the months of August, July and September. The stream overflow due to the unstoppable rain and the weather too is immensely welcoming. However, this is an ideal time to visit Khajjiar and have a fabulous touring.

How to Reach Khajjiar

The Bus Route

You can reach Khajjiar easily by bus. The place is connected to all the cities through decent road connections. The roads of Khajjiar are well maintained and sophisticated and it is just an hour’s driving from Dalhousie and the place known as Chamba. You get easy bus services as organized by the Himachal Road Transport Corporation. In this way you can well reach to all the prime cities located in and around Himachal Pradesh.

Khajjiar by Train

From Khajjiar the nearest railway station is Pathankot. From here you can easily reach Khajjiar and can even reach a place called Dalhousie. From the Hill Resort, Khajjiar stands at a position of 80n kilometers. The particular railway station will take you to all the major cities of India.

Khajjiar by Air

Gaggal is the name of the airport closes to Khajjiar. This airport is located in Kangra, and the next one you have in Pathankot. One lies at a distance of 180 kilometers and the other stands at a distance of 80 kilometers. You have to land at either Pathankot or Gaggal and the rest of the journey you can make till Khajjiar via buses and taxis.

Accommodation in Khajjiar

Khajjiar holds accommodations of all sorts. You have the most accommodated budget hotels and you would love to have a stay at the opulent star hotels. If you want to make an idea regarding the best hotels available at Khajjiar, you can simply check through the list mentioned in the section.

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