The state of Himachal Pradesh has numerous libraries:-

Himachal Pradesh University Library

The library in University of Himachal Pradesh is a modern library that is set up on multi floors. The library gives facility of housing almost 2 lacs books and has space to accommodate 450 readers and also has space for accommodating total of 100 Research scholars on separate floors in various cubicles. The other facilities that this library will provide are on progress of construction and these include a Museum area, an Exhibition room, Rooms for private reading, Reprographic area and a bindery.

The Library has been partitioned into different sections related to the type of books available in that area and these areas have been named as Main area for lending the books, area with Text books, Books related for General references, a special area for books related to the subject of Humanity, Social science while another area has books for physical and biological science, books for studying Law and Education. The new areas for books related to Maps, career counseling related, Spiritual books, Dissertations and Thesis are also being set up.

The Library has been updated periodically by adding up of books and journals that benefits the scholars who are doing research works in the University. The total number of books that are available if the Library are 1, 82,738 that also comprises of vast number of journals that have been updated till 31st march 2001. This count does not include emancipated journals and literature guides. Till the year 2001-2002 the Library had journals that were still to contribute the Library were total 308 in number and the total cost of these journals was Rs 17, 50,000.

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

City of Dharamshala has a Tibetan Library named Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA). In month of June in year 1970 the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso inaugurated this library and the library is the house where one can find vast number of books that teach the people about the contribution of Tibetan community to this entire world.

The books in the library have also been brought from Tibet in the year 1959 that comprises of the Buddhist manuscripts and annals that speaks about the history, politics, art and culture of Tibet community. The library has a contribution of total 80000 manuscripts, journals, reading material; it also has 600 statues and other materials that speak about the rich Buddhist culture. The other materials that can be found in the library are more than the 6000 photographs.

There is also a museum located on the third floor that was started in the year 1974 that displays the wooden carved three dimensional mandala of Avalokitesvaraand the other stuff in the museum has been linked back to 12th century.

Other Libraries in Himachal Pradesh

  • Government District Mahima Library in Nahan
  • Government District Library in Shimla
  • Government District Library in Dharamshala
  • Government District Library in Keylong
  • Government District Library in Kullu
  • Government District Library in Hamirpur
  • Government District Library in Chamba
  • Motilal Nehru Central State Library in Solan
  • Pt. H.D. Sharma Memorial Public Library in Patta, district Hamirpur

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