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The nature’s beauty and cool climate have always attracted many tourists to come to Himachal Pradesh for their holidays or vacation. There are many tourists who love to explore the Indian states and Himachal Pradesh is one of them. You will get to see the perfect combination of rich culture, natural beauty and ethnic traditions that still exist today. The true Indian heritage is one of the most captivating features of this state and that is why it is known as the ‘Switzerland of India


Our bus services are just excellent, comfortable and full of fun

If you want to reach Himachal Pradesh or other destinations of the state, you can go for HPTDC bus service that offers a superb experience. This service is available from New Delhi and online reservations are always open to Dharamsala, Shimla and other locations. The booking is open only up to 2 hours before the bus heads towards its destination or you can also get seats during your journey in case of the availability. Tickets can be cancelled at least 12 hours before the bus departs from its destination.

New Delhi to Dharamsala, New Delhi to Manali and New Delhi to Shimla. The other way trip can also be planned via Volvo/Luxury coaches. Special tours include Manali - Leh but are open open from July till September only. The total distance is 480 kilometers so you can enjoy a wonderful two day trip with a reasonable fare that includes your stay, breakfast and dining facilities

You can even explore local attractions with the help of luxury buses that are easily available. A variety of packages are also available to suit the needs of different visitors.
Information about the seats to different locations is available here.

For login page and other details about the terms and conditions can be checked here.

For online booking of the HPTDC bus services, you can visit this link.

The process of online reservation and bus service booking.

You can book your seats according to your preferred destination that you wish to go through the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation bus service. Further information on reservation can be obtained from here.

Information about the routes and fares is available here.

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Online Bus Booking
Online Bus Booking
Online Bus Booking
Online Bus Booking
Online Bus Booking
Online Bus Booking

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