Himachal Pradesh is an Indian state that has not been affected by external traditions, especially because of difficult landscapes. But with the passage of time and technological modifications, people have changed them rapidly.

This state of India is the multicultural, multilingual and multi religional region. Kinnauri, Mandeali, Hindi, Pahari, Dogri, Punjabi and Kangri are normally spoken languages in Himachal Pradesh.

Hichal Pradesh has its certain days and celebrations despite of common festivals and fairs in the country. During these festivals, the people of Himachal are required to wear colorful accessories and dresses in order to tribute their deities and gods. Normally, there are a number of fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh that include Shirvratri Fair, Mani Mahesh Chhari Yatra in Chamba, Minjar Fair (Chamba), Lavi Trade Fair (Rampur), Shoolini Mela (Solan), Holi Fair (Sujanpur), Naina Devi Fair (Bilaspur), Renuka Fair (Sirmaur),  Fulaich (Kinnaur Valley), Vrajsehwari Fair and Kullu Dussehra. All these events are famous in upper regions of the state while, in lower region, people celebrate different temple fairs in the Una District like the Chintpurni temple fair, the Mairi Gurudwara fair, the Kamakhya temple fair and Peeplo Fair involving yearly state hill festivals in village Polian Purohitan throughout the 4th week of October.

Main Festivals in Himachal Pradesh

The people in Shimla enthusiastically participate in the Competition of National Snow Statue to welcome the New Year. This season is also ideal for ice skating. The beacon of Lohri lights the night sky on every 13th of January. The event also shows that it’s time to plant the Rabi (winter) crops.

A huge number of devotees gather in popular Baijnath Shrine to celebrate the wedding of Lord Shiva which, they called Shivratri. The cattle events are Bilaspur, Nalwari are also organized as carnivals in the state. People in Shakti Shrines at Chitpurni, Vrajeshwari, Hathkoti and Jwalamukhi celebrate Chait Durga Asthami and enjoy the mingling event of Holi, which is organized in Gurudwara at Paonta Sahib.

In the month of April, Chamba and Kullu residents celebrate Chhat festival. During the celebrations on Navaratri and Baisakh, Paonta Sahib hosts Sikhs and Hindus so that the month can be started. These festivals are organized in Kangra, Rohru, Chamba and Bilaspur villages of Shimla District.

In the month of October, devotees celebrate the most holy and sacred place of their culture Dussehra and it is enthusiastically celebrated especially in Kullu with the Navaratri fair. Pong Dam water championship is a famous port which is also organized in this month.

Diwali comes in November bringing lots of blessings and enjoyment for people of Himachal Pradesh. Lavi festival is held at the banks of Sutlej which ends in three days. The idols of Parasuram are put into the flowing water of Renuka Lake at Sirmaur.

A British festival Christmas is also celebrated in Shimla since the rule of British rulers. In order to participate in this festival, visitors also approach this place. But in the second week of December, International Himalayan fair is organized in Dharmshala.

Main Fairs in Himachal Pradesh

Right now, there are around twenty Himachal Pradesh level festivals or fairs registered under the federal government. All these festivals are not only important from economic point of view but they are also important for traditional survival.

Phagli is a festival organized during the period of Phagun i.e. from February to march and thus, it was named Phagli. This festival is particularly celebrated to show the supremacy of god over demon so as to declare him the most respectful personality. This fair is held to memorize the important happening of killing the devil by god. Phagli is particularly celebrated in Soil, Halan, Jana and Malana and in a number of temples in Jamlu.

During the celebrations in March/April of Chaitra Navratra and Ashiwin Navratra that is held in September/October, lots of devotees visit the temples of Chintpurni Devi, Chamunda Devi, Jwala Devi, Shaktipeeths Sri Naina Devi and Bajreshwari Devi to get the blessings of deity Durga.

People of Trilokpur celebrate Bala Sundri festival two times every year, normally in April and October located close to Nahan in the Sirmaur District. This fair is the most attractive factor of Trilokpur Temple which is established to worship deity Bala Sundari. Lots of devotees from all over the state visit this place to show their love and affection for the goddess.

Naina Devi temple celebrates the Naina Devi festival in August to obtain blessings of the goddess.

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