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Rakhadumni (Rakhi) Festival

The wondrous hills and valleys of Himachal Pradesh form the perfect backdrop for a variety of festivals celebrated in this region the year round. In fact, Himachal Pradesh hosts the most variety of fairs and festivals in the entire North India. One such festival is the Rakhadumni (Rakhi) Festival which commemorates the love between brothers and sisters. Most Indians celebrate this festival of life, colour, happiness and familial love.

On the day of the full moon in the month of Bhadrapad according to the Hindu calendar, the Rakhadumni Festival is celebrated with great panache in the scenic valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Married women visit the houses of their parents and tie a rakhi on their brothers’ hands as part of the ritual. Sweets are distributed and the entire festival is built around the idea of spending quality time with family and enjoying the moments with the loved ones. Locals, regardless of caste, creed, or sect, along with tourists from across the country, celebrate the festival with great fervour every year.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

The state of Himachal Pradesh is renowned for its festivals and fairs. Every year, thousands of locals as well as tourists gather to celebrate a number of festivals in the wondrous state of Himachal Pradesh. The festival of Rakhadumni holds a special place in the hearts of Indians, especially those belonging to the northern half of the country. It is referred to by various names throughout the country: rakhadumni, rakhi, rakshabandhan, saluno, rakhri. To celebrate the pure bond of love between brothers and sisters and the love of family in general, locals celebrate this festival every year.

The Rakhadumni Fstival is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapad according to the Hindu calendar on the auspicious day of the full moon. According to the Roman calendar, this festival falls in the months of August-September. Himachal Pradesh, which is referred to as an Abode of Clouds, forms the perfect backdrop for this marvellous festival. Visitors throng the exotic North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to partake in the festivities. The festival provides the perfect escape from the humdrum of daily life.

Description About Rakhadumni (Rakhi) Festival

Rakhadumni or Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious day in the lives of Indians, especially those belonging to North India, as they celebrate this festival together. This is a day for the family, for the loves between parents and children, but more importantly, this is a day dedicated to the pure bond between sisters and brothers. Rakhadumni Festival is celebrated every year in Himachal Pradesh with much fanfare.

Some rituals are also duly followed in keeping with the rich cultural heritage of India in general and the state of Himachal Pradesh in particular. While the festival is celebrated in various forms in different regions, one thing is common amongst all forms of this festival: sisters tie colourful threads around their brothers’ hands as mark of protection against all evil. This tradition started in the ancient times when sisters would tie sacred threads around their brothers’ hands as the men of the country went to battle. The threads were supposed to be a mark of protection in battle and this tradition has carried on to the present day.

Rakhis come in a variety of forms; from simple red, orange or yellow threads to designer rachis, the choice is abundant. To appeal to the young populace, modern rakhis are also designed to look like popular superheroes or cartoon characters. Some rakhis are even technologically advanced and come in the form of various gadgets: watches, digital photo-frames, mp3 players, you name it.

For sisters who are looking to make a mark, unique limited edition rakhis are also available. Some sisters go all out and get rakhis made out of precious metals and stones like silver, gold and diamond. This is one item which is staple to this festival and a rakhi may cost anything between as less as INR 5 to as exorbitant an amount as a fee hundred thousand rupees.

During the months of August and September, this extraordinary festival is celebrated in the scenic valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Men and women, old and young, students and professionals, all sorts of people visit Himachal Pradesh for this beautiful festival. It provides a wonderful ambience as well as a unique macroscopic view of the Indian traditions and culture. Locals as well as tourists gather every year to celebrate this unique festival. In fact, special family vacations are organized to various parts of Himachal Pradesh and travel companies have special offers for families looking to celebrate the festival in the magnificent hill stations of the state.

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