Bilaspur city is a part of Bilaspur district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the first planned hill stations in India. This beautiful city has a picturesque location on the banks of the man-made Govind Sagar Lake. Situated at a height of 673 m, Bilaspur is a prominent town en route to Manali, a well-known tourist destination in the State. Far from the maddening crowd, this fantastic location offers a chance to escape from the hot and humid summers in different parts of India.

The old city remains submerged under the waters of Govind Sagar. It was located on the southeastern side of River Sutlej before the mighty river decided to encompass it completely. Despite of being, the hottest places in Himachal Pradesh, visitors love Bilaspur because of cooler temperatures compared to the northern parts of India. The weather turns pleasant and cool as the evening approaches. Tourism here revolves around the water activities on the Govind Sagar Lake, it is also a place of religious interest and attracts the devotees. The city came up on the tourist map after the development of this beautiful lake, which also serves as the water reservoir, a part of the project that built the Bhakra Nangal Dam. Road Bridge built here at Kandraur is amongst the highest bridges in Asia.

Tourists can visit Bilaspur round the year, which makes it an important destination in Himachal Pradesh. It also serves as a major break for visitors before they travel to other parts of the State.

Places to See in Bilaspur

There are fantastic sightseeing options in and around Bilaspur that tourists can explore during their visit here. Some of these are the following:

  • Govind Sagar Lake - This picturesque water body is 90 km in length and spread over a 170-km² area.
  • Bhakra Nangal Dam - It is the highest of the gravity dams in the world. Built in 1963 this is still a marvel of architecture and a picturesque location.
  • Sariun Fort - This magnificent fort is present at an elevation of 1500 m towards the eastern Tiun Range.
  • Bahadurpur Fort – Bahadurpur Fort is 40 km away from the heart of Bilaspur. Built before 1835, this place today lies in ruins.
  • Tiun Fort - Located 55 km from the main city, this fort is present on the top of Tiun range.
  • Vyas Cave – Popular consensus is that the great sage Vedavyas meditated in these caves lying on the foothills of new township. Today it is a pilgrimage.
  • Temples - A number of well-known temples are present in the city. This includes Naina Devi Mandir, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, and Balak Nath Temple.
  • Sanctuaries - Travelers here can give vent to their wild side by visiting the sanctuaries. Naina Devi and Govind Sagar wildlife parks are the most notable here.

Bilaspur Cuisine

Enjoy the best of North Indian food and cuisine indigenous to Himachal Pradesh during your visit to Bilaspur. Take your pick from snacks, full meals, and fast foods, which is quite popular with youngsters everywhere. A number of restaurants here offer good food and fantastic ambience that add to the experience of visitors to Bilaspur.

Climate and Best Time to Visit Bilaspur

Tourist season in Bilaspur is around the year. Depending on the attitude and the current season, temperature here varies between 5°C to 37°C.

  • Winter (October - March/mid-April) is of course the best time for visits. Temperatures hover near freezing point.
  • Summer (April – September) temperatures remain between 18°C to 37°C/44°C.
  • Monsoon (July & August) mild to intermittent rainfall adds to the beauty and glamour of this Himalayan location.

Visitors flock to Bilaspur during winters. During this time, the region experiences thick cover of fog that renders visibility difficult with little sunlight aiding the process. Carrying light woolens is ideal for keeping warm.

How to Reach

By Air

Nearest airports to Bilaspur are Chandigarh, Bhuntar, and Shimla. Book cabs and travel via road to reach here.

By Rail

Nearest broad gauge and narrow gauge stations, to Bilaspur respectively are Kiratpur Sahib (65 km) and Shimla (85 km). One can use public buses to reach there.

By Road

People regularly travel via road from Chandigarh and Shimla to reach Bilaspur.

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