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Kullu Dussehra Festival

The state of Himchal Pradesh is adorned with boundless natural beauty.  Each and every corner of the state is filled up with flora and fauna. Manali is considered to be a precious gem of this stunning state. The small town of kulu and manali basically attracts each and every tourist who comes to this place. The Dussherafestival celebrates throughout Kullu is one of the primary attractions of this area.

The inauguration of this festival was done during the reign of raja jagat singh who acted as the ruling emperor during the mid of 1600-1700s.  There is an old legend according to which DurgaDutt, a resident of tipri village had a pot filled with pearls. On knowing this raja jagat singh ordered his courtiers to snatch the pearls from the poor Brahmin.  DurgaDutt was harassed badly. When he couldn’t take this torture anymore, he lied to them. He declared that he would donate the pearls to the raja, himself, who was then on his way to manikaran. When the raja returned, the Brahmin bottled himself and all the members of his family inside his house and ignited it. When the fire began roaring he stabbed himself according to the movements of the fire. He cursed the raja for his ruthless behavior and asked him to acquire the pearls. After a while only the ashes remained. Soon after the incident the spirits of the Brahmin’s family started haunting the raja. The raja was scared and suffered from guilt his movements were restricted by the time and again cries of the innocent heart. The raja started to suffer from hallucinations. He was unable to eat or drink anything as everything appeared to be blood stained. He tried his best to come out of it but all his efforts seemed to be worthless. The news of Raja’s condition spreads like fire. People of every corner of the janapad starting from vaids, trantiks, babas, doctors, etc. applied their efficient skills to cure the raja of his illness, but everyone’s effort went in vain. In the end krishant dutt bairagi stood up generously and volunteered his knowledge to for the raja’s treatment. He declared that without the blessings of lord ram nothing would be possible. He directed the raja to get a holy idol of lord ram from Ayodhya. The raja gathered all his courage and made genuine efforts to acquire the holy idol of lord ram from anybody. He succeeded in getting an idol. A disciple of the bairagi named damodar dass was ascertained for this purpose. “Gutka sidhi” was the unique power with which the Brahmin possessed. With his unique power he successfully extracted the idol of ram out from Ajodhya and later that was installed in the Sultanpur temple in Kullu. The interesting fact is a group of priest travelled and came here to attain and conduct the holy rituals and till date their descendants continue the tradition.

Slowly with time and extreme dedication the ram was cured of his guilt and he was captivated by the divine power of lord ram. He gave up his kingship and surrendered himself to the mighty Raghunathjee.

Month of Celebration

The Duseherra festival in Kullu is celebrated every year in the month of October.

Description of The Dusherra in Kullu

In general Dusshera is celebrated to mark the return of Ram to Ayodhya with his wife sita who was captured by the king of Lanka, Ravana.In Kullu the Dusshera is celebrated as a combination of fair and rath yatra. The idol of Raghunathjee is mounted on a rath and carried across the dhalpur field. The whole village crowd gathers here to be a part of this auspicious event.‘The fair takes place with a lot of pomp and show. Musicians, dancers come here for recreational purposes. It is believed that the gods gather in this region to be a part of this festival.This festival attracts a lot of tourist as it brings out the original flavors of the region. The festive mood can be felt in the air. The whole city starts preparing for this event and enjoy to the fullest. During the days of the fair the entire city is decorated with lights and the hue mingles with the natural beauty giving it an ethereal look. Sacrifices are offered in the name of god.

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