Manali is situated 40 kms away from Kulluin the north of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Manalilies toward the end of the valley on the National Highway that’s leads to the area called Leh. Manali boasts of stunning and breath taking landscapes.It is common to see beautiful mountain peaks form Manali. Furthermore, the River called Beas runs through Manali. Manali is also full of pine trees as well as a vast range of deodar trees along with fruit orchards and tiny fields. Manali makes for a wonderful holiday destination and is a popular choice among trekkers travelling to the mountain ranges of BaraBhangal, Lahaul, Spitiand Zanskar ranges. Famous for its temples and beautiful sight-seeing spots along with activities for the adventure seekers, Manali is popular in all seasons and for all travelers.

Places to see in Manali

There a lot of places to see in Manali, some of the tourists interests are listed below: 

Rohtang Pass

This is a pass that provides a division between the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh and the Valley of Spiti and Lahaul Valley. The Kullu valley is made up of a Hindu culture while the Spiti and Lahaul valleys are of Buddhist culture. The Rohtang pass is located in the middle of the Beas basin and the Chenab basin. The Beas river originates from under the ground and flow in a southern direction. On the opposite side lies the Chenab river, and this river flows in a Westerly direction. The Rohtang pass remains open to tourists from the month of May till the month of November. This pass forms a trade route for the people on either side of the area called PirPanjal.

Kullu River

Located in a wide open valley, this river is famous due to the beautiful landscapes. The hills in this area are covered with lush trees such as Deodar and Pine trees. Kullu valley is located in the middles of Pirpanjal in the middle of the lower Himalayan and great Himalayan range. The Kullu region was at one point known as Kulanthpitha.

Manali Cuisine

The local cuisine is generally made up of fresh produce such as cereal and vegetables that are grown locally. Milk and its products are also very popular with the people of Manali. Tea is also a popular drink for the people especially due to the cold weather.

Climate and Best Time to Visit Manali

The weather in Manali is quite pleasant and suitable for tourists throughout the year but it is more advisable to visit during September October November December January February March April May and June.

In winters the weather can be a little too harsh for most people with temperatures dropping to negative 1 degree Celcius. However this makes it ideal weather to enjoy a spot of skiing and to view the snow in all its glory on the beautiful Manali landscape.

In summer, which is the Month from March till June, Manali is the perfect region to enjoy rafting and paragliding along with mountain sports. Temperatures vary between 10 degrees Celcius and 25 degrees celcius but snow is not present. Only if one goes to areas with extremely high altitude would one find snow.

The monsoon season occurs between July and September and it is not advised to visit Manali during this time due to the risk of landslide taking place as a result of heavy rainfall in the region.  Overall, despite summer being a very picturesque season to visit the region, it is infact winter that offers the best time for tourists to really enjoy Manali.

How to Reach

By Rail

Manali is located close to the Railway stations of Chandigarh and Pathankot. From these stations, Manali can be reached by road.

By Bus

Manali is easy to reach by roach from Delhi, Ambala, Dehradun, Shimla, Haridwar, Dalhousie, Chamba

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