Forming the headquarters of Sirmour district, Nahan is a beautiful town located on a ridge atop the Shivalik hills, part of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of this picturesque town is a treasure, almost poetic in its loveliness. Standing at an elevation of 920 m on an average, Nahan is blessed with great weather almost all through the year.

Tales of yore, connected to erstwhile princes and saints, are linked with the origin of the town of Nahan. As with most cities of historic significance, different stories and the varying versions narrate different aspects. According to an early version, a saint by the name of Baba Banwari Das once stopped a king who was about to slay a lion by saying, “Na har,” which translates to “do not kill.” Also, the companion of the saint was called Nahar, and they used to stay on the premises of what is now the Nahar palace. However, it is widely believed that it was founded in the year 1621 by Raja Karan Prakash, who made the city his capital.

Nahan is one of the Indian states with a much higher average literacy rate than the national average literacy rate. The literacy rate of the male population is 83 per cent, while that is the female population is 77 per cent. It is an extremely well planned city, with a great underwater sewage system. The roads are very clean and well maintained, adding more sheen to the town’s already picturesque beauty. Temples, gardens and a man-made lake adorn the city. Fishing is a common and popular local activity, owing to the large volumes of the perennially flowing streams and rivers, all through the city.

The languages spoken in this part of Himachal Pradesh are Himachali, Hindi and English. People in the business of tourism here speak Punjabi, in addition to all of the aforementioned languages.  The average maximum temperature of the town is 38 degree Celsius while the minimum average temperature is six degree Celsius. While the weather is pleasant all through the year, it may get a bit nippy towards the winters- more so for tourist since the locals are accustomed to the weather.

A variety of festivals and fairs are celebrated in the town of Nahan with much gusto. Around the latter half of monsoons, the locals celebrate the festival of Bawan Dwadashi- which sees a procession to Jagannath temple and immersion of 52 cult local idols, and their restoration. The Gugga Peer Fair is celebrated with equal fervor by Hindus and Muslims alike as a valiant war hero. Some of them consider him a snake god while some consider him a saint. Hindus worship him as Goga or Gugga and Muslims celebrate him as Jahar Peer. The Kaimkhani Muslims consider themselves his descendents. Another famous fair celebrated around the region is the Jamta Mela, also known as ‘Ashtami ka mela’, organized annually in the village of Jamta by the Gram Panchayat. It takes place two days before the holy festival of Vijayadashmi, or, Dussehra. Goddess Bala Sundari is worshipped and various championships like kushti and kabaddi are organized, inviting players from different states across India. Various cultural programs take place too.

Places to See in Nahan

  • Trilokpur Temple- Located close to 23 km from Nahan, this temple- worshipping Goddess Bala Sundari Devi- is said to have been built in the year 1573 by the erstwhile King of Nahan. It attracts pilgrims from far and wide for its high religious significance.

  •  Suketi Fossil Park- Located around 21 km from Nahan, Suketi Fossil Park attracts the most number of tourists as it puts on display gigantic Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ancient animal models. The fossil skeletons of these pre-historic animals had been discovered here. It is also known as the Shivalik Fossil Park as it is situated along middle and upper part of the Shivalik range of mountains.

  • Dhaula Kuan- Dhaula Kuan is an extensive orchard that has various things in its plantation. It falls on the way to the town of Paonta Sahib, and it located around 20 km from the town of Nahan. The sprawling plantation is comprised of mangoes and different kinds of citrus plants. The factory manufactures a variety of jams, pickles, canned fruits and juices.

  • Pakka Talaab- Pakka Talaab is the site of the orgnaisation and celebration of the two highly famous festivals and fairs of Nahan- the Gugga Peer Fair and the Bawan Dwadashi fair and festival.

Nahan Cuisine

The cuisine of Nahan is a pleasing mix of various kinds of cuisines. North Indian cuisine is eaten with as much enthusiasm as local cuisine that differs region to region. It also hosts a wide range of commercial establishments for the benefit of tourists who take their time to experiment with the local cuisine.

Climate of Nahan

The town of Nahan is blessed with a pleasant weather all through the year. During summers, the average minimum temperature is 35 degree Celsius while the average maximum temperature is 40 degree Celsius. During autumn, the average temperature ranges from six degree Celsius t 27 degree Celsius. During winters, the temperature dips to a minimum to zero degrees Celsius to a maximum of 17 degree Celsius. Any time of the year is a good time to visit Nahan, though the most ideal time is right after the winters.

How to Reach

By Air

Chandigarh Airport is the closest airport to Naha. All the same, Shimla and Dehradun airports too are viable options as they are not far either.

By Rail

The railway stations close to the town of Nahan are Ambala, Kalka, Chandigarh and Barara. They are all well connected through bus services to take the traveler to Nahan.

By Road

Buses and taxis are available to travelers at reasonable rates. There are various options for people taking the road from other places by road. These directions include ways via Solan, via Dehradun, via Kala-Amb and so on.

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