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Time Table And Fare Structure

Himachal Road Transport Corporation offers the best road services to all tourists. Bus services run in different regions thus providing a seamless experience to the people. The entire work is managed by divisional offices that are located in Mandi, Dharamshala, Shimla and Hamirpur. This state has 23 depots that assist tourists as well as the local residents about the different routes and top attractions that are must to visit.

If you wish to visit any destinations including Kullu, Solan, Rohtang Pass, Shimla, Sundernagar or Dalhousie you can go for a HRTC Volvo bus which is quite comfortable. Three different types of bus services available here are Him Mani, Himaguarav and Himsuta. The buses are in good conditions and drivers strictly adhere to the guidelines given by HRTC. Apart from offering services to tourists, the corporation extends its services to other states as well like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Chandigarh and lots more. The 23 depots coordinate with other offices to enhance the experience of visitors and local residents too.

Hence the best way to explore tourist spots of the Himachal Pradesh is through Volvo buses which are definitely the right choice. They are equipped with excellent facilities to make your trip wonderful.

Time Table of HRTC

The below link provides you complete information about different destinations of Himachal Pradesh.


Fare Structure & Concessions

A. Fare Structure

Himachal State Govt. has notified vide Notification No: TPF-F (6)/2003 dated 9.4.2005 and adopts it to decide the fares of different buses.
If you travel with deluxe or semi deluxe buses; you will have to pay 100% and 50% additional charge for every kilometer.

The charge for 80 Kg weight is same as the passenger fare.

Recently HRTC has also introduced the service of super deluxe AC Volvo buses that run from Shimla to other destinations including Delhi, Dharamshala, Manali and back too. The information about fares can be collected from the HRTC office.

B. Concessions

The HRTC offers concessions to passengers as per the rules laid down by the government. Terms and conditions related to the concession in fare can change from time to time so tourists should be familiar with all updates or visit the information counter for more assistance.

  • Students who are studying in government colleges or schools are liable to receive monthly concessions by paying 10 single fares for the same.
  • Even private/convent schools and colleges are liable to receive a concession by paying the 40 single fares.
  • Government employees can also receive concession by paying 30 single fares but valid only upto 50 Kms.
  • Police personnel can also avail concession as the Police Department deducts Rs 60 from the salaries of all employees and deposit in the HRTC account for free travelling facility.
  • Jail wardens are also liable for free travelling facility as the Police Department deducts Rs 60 from their salaries and deposited in the HRTC account.
  • Freedom fighters also receive a concession for free traveling along with one attendant who travels with them.
  • Ex- MPs/MLAs-Sitting MLAs/MPs with one attendant can also enjoy concession while travelling.
  • Even the handicapped people can avail concession while travelling within and outside the state.
  • Traveling concession is also meant for war widows and one attendant.
  • Traveling concession is given to the Gallantry Awardees too.
  • Union leader, Padamshree Awardee, Social workers and Thalassaemic patients are also liable for the traveling concession.
  • Press Correspondents can also enjoy concession while traveling within or outside the state.
  • Orphan students can avail concession for traveling to their school.
  • People suffering from Cancer/Multiple fracture/Spinal injuries can also receive concession through referral slip.
  • National Awardee teachers are liable to receive six free passes within a year.

Diferent Schemes For Traceling Public

Group Incentive Scheme

The Himachal Pradesh Corporation has introduced the facility of additional concession if you are traveling in a group

If number of people in your group is 9 or more than that you can receive a discount of 10% on the fare.

Smart Card

If you are a smart card member, you will receive a 10% discount while traveling in any HRTC buses while senior citizens enjoy a discount of 20%. The smart card can purchased from HRTC information counter by paying an amount of Rs 80 and it will be valid for one year.

Courier Scheme

This scheme is available for all the buses that ply from different destinations.

Yellow Card

Yellow Card holder receives a concession of 20% on the fare of you travel upto 40 Kms.

But kids up to the age of 5 can travel without any ticket while children of the age group 5-12 will have to pay half fare. The maximum carrying capacity of your luggage is limited to 15 kgs and above that; you will have to pay additional charges.

Students studying in the recognized institutes of Himachal Pradesh get 50% discount while traveling in buses.

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Time Table And Fare Structure
Time Table And Fare Structure
Time Table And Fare Structure
Time Table And Fare Structure
Time Table And Fare Structure
Time Table And Fare Structure

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