Sairi Festival

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful States in India, which is known for its scenic beauty, culture, and traditional practices. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to visit this place to enjoy and participate in such cultural programs.

Festivals here reflect the life and color of people. This particular celebration makes it quite different from the rest of the States of the country. If you are planning to visit this magnificent place, then ensure that you do so during one of the festival times. The celebrations will take away all your worries and will keep you happy. During festivals the residents of this State worship the local Gods and Goddesses. It is a way of thanking them for the wonderful life. People here dress up in a unique style and are seen in strikingly beautiful outfits during festival time. This spreads positive attitude and liveliness in the whole atmosphere.

The details of the festival and their timings can be gathered from the official website of the state.  Every festival is marked to celebrate life, and mass prayer is conducted to thank God for the wellness of human beings. One such festival that is celebrated every year in the State is Sairi, where people pray for the well being and prosperity of everyone.

Month of Celebration of The Festival

This remarkable festival in Himachal Pradesh is celebrated during the month of Ashwin, as per Hindu calendar. In other words, it is celebrated during winter season. Here every community offers prayers to God and thank them for their wellness and happiness. If you are intending to visit this place at the year end, do ensure to participate in this exciting festival, where people come out dressed attractively and the whole air is filled with positive aroma.

Description About Sairi Festival

This is a harvesting festival, where people pray god at the time when the maize is ready to be harvested, which is during winter season. There are different things that are done during this festival time. The first thing is people cook a special type of food known as Bhaterus, which is a sweet dish. Also, it is a tradition to cook the Pakodas, which is usually made up of Urd dal.

The whole intention of cooking such a traditional food is to thank God for good harvest and prosperity of life. Men and women, also apply Henna, which is also known as seur on their palms and soles of their feet.  These days’ people apply them in different designs, and patterns. In earlier days, people used to apply simple design but now everyone try to apply some unique design, which make them different from the rest of the crowd.

Also they prefer to wear a new outfit, which is a tradition across the world. The simplicity of the celebration reveals equally this festival is celebrated amongst the young and poor people in Himachal Pradesh. Another interesting thing that is worth seeing here during the celebration of Sairi festival is during the night time.

During the night time, the barbers of the village are seen decorating lemon with kumkum (vermilion) and rice. Then this lemon is decorated with flowers and placed inside a basket along with coconut. This basket is then carried from one door to the other, around the village. Every home owner eagerly waits for their turn to fill in the basket with some more attractive flowers, sweets, and cash. Both the basket and the basket owners are received warmly and respectfully. This is one of the most interesting things that mesmerize the visitors, something that is not usually seen in other types of celebration across the country. This unique feature makes the celebration quite distinct from the rest of the celebration of the State.

The festival has been celebrated in the State since centuries, and the tradition is still followed with great pride and honor. The barbers of the community are given special importance and greeted with warmness and dignity. It is time, when newly wedded brides visit their parents and spend quality time with their family. In case, due to some reasons if they are not able to visit then brides send presents to their parents.

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