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Renuka Lake

Renuka Lake is the largest natural lake in Himachal with a circumference of 3214m situated at 672m above sea level. This lake is located in Sirmaur district and is famous for its shape said to be an impersonation of Goddess Renuka. Renukaji is believed to be the mother of Parshuram, one of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Mythology suggests that under dire circumstances Parshuram had to kill goddess Renuka. It is said that the lake took form of the goddess. There is also a smaller lake adjoining the foot of Renuka Lake and it is believed this is Lord Parshuram taking blessings from Renukaji. There are two temples each devoted to Goddess Renuka and Lord Parshuram and they are believed to have be built overnight in the early 18th century by a ruler as an attempt to remember this sage.

The visage of this lake is veneer-clear and tranquil, flanked by an avenue of lush green forests in the surrounding valley. The lake also is a habitat for healthy cat fish and other aquatic animals. Apart from enjoying Feng Shui visible at the lake here, visitors also like to see a mini zoo safari that lies 2km away from the lake. The zoo is a habitat for Asiatic lions, Himalayan bear, spotted deer and other animals.

Renuka Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Himachal and is well connected by road. Taxis/buses are available from this place to all major cities and districts. The lake is 60km from Paonta Sahib via Sataun and 38km from Nahan via Dadahu. There are a lot of surrounding places that are interesting and worth visiting.

How to Reach Renuka Lake

The nearest airport is Chandigarh at a distance of 95km from Renukaji. The nearest railway station is at Ambala, also at a distance of 95km. Buses and taxis are readily available from the lake to Chandigarh and Delhi. Delhi is 385km from the lake.


The climate at Renuka Lake is pleasant for most parts of the year. Winters are slightly cold and light woolens are usually required. Temperatures range from 0o C to 18o C. Summer is generally warm and one would need to carry cotton clothes. Temperature hovers between 18°C to 35°C. Rains last from June to September and the region stays wet.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place would be between April to June and Sept to November when the climate is pleasant and you can enjoy visiting the various places of interest.

Where to Stay

Hotel Renuka

The main wing of the hotel is built in a colonial style and offers panoramic view of the beautiful lake with a stint of the view for the well maintained terrace garden.

Devicos Plaza

It is just 2km away from the lake and offers a gorgeous view of the two rivers Giri and Jalal. The hotel is well maintained and trained staff with all major and personalized amenities.

Sirmour Retreat

The resort is located in Nahan and offers nice panoramic view of the Churdhar Range. The resort has some travel and entertainment packages for the tourists and is also near to the lake.

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Renuka Lake
Renuka Lake
Renuka Lake
Renuka Lake
Renuka Lake
Renuka Lake

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