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Yunam River

The Yunam Lake is situated at an altitude of 4300m forming a valley system between Himalayas and Zaskar ranges. Yunam River cuts Sarachu plains thereby forming a wide canyon in between the grasslands. For its beautiful vegetation and beautiful flora and fauna, the place is famous amongst the tourists. The deep blue color of the water mesmerizes the viewer with its intense beauty. The lake is divine and is believed to protect the nearby areas. On the parallel side of the river runs a chain of mountains, splendid cultures and rare plants and animals. People from various part of the world visit river in order to enjoy its scenic beauty.

Lake Yunamis an epitome of natural beauty. One can look various snow covered peaks from the edge of the river. The snow covered peaks are located at the highest place ofJammu and Kashmir. Numbers of small water streams from such peaks come to end in YunamRivers only. The calm river water can relax the one who is disturbed. One can also view rivers flowing from the southwardside. The numbers of camping sites are also situated at sarachu plains which serve as a base for number of hard and easy treks.The beautiful lake is a perfect site for celebration as well. People who reside near by the lake love to celebrate occasions on the lake side. People who visit the plainscherish the entire premises of the of the lake side. The place is worth visiting and cherishing.

The lake has number of tourist attractions at a reasonable distance from it. Some of the best tourist destinations are gata loops, nakee la, morey plains and tang.They can be visited to relish the vacations all the more. The breath taking beauty of the places is sure to give immense pleasure to the visitors.

The stunning silence of the river describes a lot about it. People of all religions visit the lake for various reasons. People throw silver coins, money and gold into the sacred water of the river as a sign of belief. The place can be visitedthroughout the year except few winter months as the temperature falls below the tolerable limits.

One should carry proper arrangements in order to tolerate the high altitude levels. The visitor can suffer from head ache, nausea, and sleepless nights in case they fail to carry proper arrangements for the nights.  The plains comprises of number breathtaking landscapes. Various people decide to carry out photography in the plain during the nights. The shadows and light plays are so interesting that one just cannot resist clicking photographs. Sarachu is the last village of Himachal Pradesh. One can directly reach Jammu and Kashmir from here.

Reaching Lake Yunam

Various people who travel to Ladakh and Manali via public transport tend to take stoppage at sarachu plains. The intensebeauty of the plains is simply inevitable. It lures a number of tourists towards it. People tend to break their journeys in order to relish the place.


The place can be visited throughout the year. However, the winters are freezing. One should definitely carry some woolens along. The summers are hot and cottons clothes are mostly recommended.

Best Time for VisitingYunam River

Months from April to July are suitable for the summers whereas September to November are suitable for winters. One shall find moderate temperature during such months which is best to enjoy the place.

Places to Stay

There are number of hotels and guest houses in sarachu plains, Ladakh. One shall easily find rooms in them. Somehowvisitors can also choose to reside in tents that are carried along while travelling.

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Yunam River
Yunam River
Yunam River
Yunam River
Yunam River
Yunam River

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