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Tirthan River

Tirthan River is one of the most beautiful rivers of Himachal Pradesh. It has its source in the Himalayan glaciers and is an important tributary of the magnificent Beas River. In fact, this very river has given rise to the famous Tirthan Valley.

Tirthan River comprises clear and cold waters that arrive fresh from the glaciers. Anglers regard this river to be a virtual paradise. Many tourists come here to enjoy Trout fishing. Nature lovers enjoy trekking in the gorgeous valleys of Tirthan River.

This river has a wonderful location since it is bordered by huge Himalayan Ranges on eastern, southern and northern parts. The picturesque view of its snow-clad mountains greatly attracts tourists from around the globe.

People coming to enjoy the beauty of Tirthan River also love to bathe in waterfalls surrounding this area. Other interesting activities like rope river crossing and rock climbing are also popular among tourists.

Many tourists also engage in other activities for adventure like exploring the surrounding jungle and local sightseeing.

How to Reach Tirthan River

The nearest airport is Bhuntar if you are coming from Manali. Tourists can also take the train route from Chandigarh, which is the closest Railway Station.

Some tourists also take a bus from Delhi. The bus leaves in the evening from Delhi and reaches Atut around early morning. From Atut, tourists can hire vehicles to get to Tirthan, which is around 30 km from there.


Tirthan River has a pleasant climate even during summer months. Temperature never goes beyond 24 degree Celsius. However, tourists coming during winter months might experience chilly winters where temperature drops beyond freezing point.

There is a beautiful valley adjacent to the river, which adds greenery to the prevalent moist climate of the place.

Best Time to Visit

Many tourists regard spring season to be the most appropriate time to visit Tirthan River. The beauty of Tirthan valley with loaded apple orchards adds to the elegance of this river. The splendour of this river entices every visitor.

Tourists enjoy this place most from March to November because the landscape looks stunning and the weather is just right to enjoy striking views.

Tourists who love to engage in Trout fishing usually come between March to October.

Where to Stay

Tirthan River is one of the most preferred tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Therefore many luxurious and exotic resorts and hotels are found here. The well-known ones are:

Himalayan Trout House

This is a luxurious resort with a wonderful location. Tourists can hear soothing sounds of Tirthan River flowing by from their rooms. The rooms are well decorated and exceptionally clean. Food is homely and delicious. There is ample parking space for ease and accessibility of the tourists.

Raju Bharti’s Guest House

It is regarded as one of the most preferred hotels by tourists. This guest house attracts tourists because of its exceptionally tempting and delicious cuisine.

River Side Resort

This resort is a delight for tourists because it offers tasty food topped with great comfort. As a result this hotel tops the list of tourists coming to Tirthan River. They have a flexible policy and reasonable pricing to add to the convenience of tourists.

Sarovar Portico

It is a marvellous hotel that gives you a home-like ambience and comfort to stay in. It offers excellent scenic view of snow-clad mountains and tall pine trees all around.

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Tirthan River
Tirthan River
Tirthan River
Tirthan River
Tirthan River
Tirthan River

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