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Parvati River

The origins of the Parvati River can be traced back from the glacier Man talai; the river emerges playfully and passes down the Parvati valley before reaching Manikaran temple.The River forms an important part of Himachal Pradesh. Various geographical and historical evidences are linked with the importance of the river parvati in Himachal Pradesh

Parvati valley has been of huge importance as the valley transacts different important routes in the mountains that connect a large number of historical areas in the Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh has utilized the great hydro power strength of the massive river in the hydro power generation. This has been perhaps a reason behind decline vegetation on the sides of the Parvati River.

Emerging form the Parvati valley which is situated in the north of the state of Himachal Pradesh, the River Parvati has got a plentiful of reasons to be worshipped. Besides, it forms a major part of the water resources of the state.

How to reach the Parvati Valley and the Parvati River

Being associated with the religious and spiritual sentiments of people and a confluence of tourism and devotion the Parvati valley is very well connected by means of road and rail transport. Several local buses and taxis take to Parvati valley regularly on routine basis.

Airways: Bhuntur at Kullu is the nearest airport. The airport facilitates both national and international flights

Railways:the nearest railway station to reach Parvati River is at Jogindernagar. There is a well connected rail network that runs parallel along, Delhi and Chandigarh.

Road:You may find local conveyance from Jari, Kasol, Manikaran, Pulga and Khirganaga. You can find these local taxis to the Parvati valley from the adjacent towns of Kullu, Bhuntar, and Manali and also form the elsewhere adjacent neighboring towns.

Best Time to Visit Parvati Valley and Parvati River

Though he weather remains pleasant all throughout the year but it is advisable that a person about to visit the Parvati Valley and the Holy River should rather do it in the autumn season, summers or springs. Winters are to be avoided as the winters of the mountains are unimaginably chillier, and monsoons are to be avoided as downpours in the mountains can cause reoccurring landslides, flash floods and you would have to take special care all throughout, making your trip a tough exercise for you and family.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the valley is between April to June in summers, and from September to November during the autumn season.


The climate remains pleasant throughout the year.

Parvati valley is one of the most amazing and the most pure form of river valleys which has got the crudest form of natural vegetations in the area. The serpentine valley has got some of the most beautiful flora and fauna along with the river lines of gurgling Parvati, crystal clear water streams, snow peaks in the surroundings that have a positive and radiating affect on the minds of tourists coming to Parvati Valley.

Adventurous Places near Parvati Valley

If you are fond of adventure and love adventure sports, then the Parvati River and the River valley has got innumerable options of adventure sports for you to offer. From the ranges of amazing treks like Kheerganga, Chandrakhani pass, Pin Pass, Rashol, Seosar are some of those spots that should be under your lists if you are wishing upon an amazing trek tour at Himachal. It has been found in the historical references that the Parvati valley has been the Tapobhoomi of shivshamboo; it is more or less like a magnet you can't stay away from it for long.

Where to Stay

Hotel Trishul

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Nagar Road New Manali, Manali 175131,


The hotel is extremely good for stay and you can feel like a family in the hotel.

Hotel river West

  • It is one of the best Himalayas hotels which you may find the most relevant according to your stay along with family and friends.
  • Located in manali itself.
  • Accessibility to famous landmarks of Himachal Pradesh

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RangriManali | Distt. Kullu

Manali 175131, India

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Tourist Hotel

The tourist hotel is in Manali, Himachal Pradesh and is the most convenient for the tourist visiting Himachal from different parts of the world. With most sophisticated infrastructure and graded facilities offered in the hotel courtyards, the tourist hotel is one of the classy hotels that can make your stay at Himachal Pradesh memorable

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Circuit House Road

Manali 175131, India

It is a three star hotel in Himachal Pradesh

Hotel Snow Park

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Aleo,Naggar Road New Manali

Manali 175131, India

An ace hotel with the premium and out modest facilities. With excellent range of hospitable and amicable staff the view of the surrounding vegetations makes the hotel snow park even more likeable.

Amongst the other preferred destinations for the tourist stay is Silmorg Garden, the Himachal, Hotel new Adarsh, Holiday cottages.

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Parvati River
Parvati River
Parvati River
Parvati River
Parvati River
Parvati River

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