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Beas River

Beas River is located in the northern part of India. It rises in Himachal Pradesh and flows to Sutlej River in Punjab. Rohtang Pass acts as the main source of Beas River and it offers magnificent views of beautiful snow-covered mountains. This river has great scenic beauty attracting large number of tourists every year.

The beauty of the river is so mesmerising that whoever visits the place loves to stay back. This accounts for the meditation of many well-known sages on the banks of river Beas. There are many temples located in the gorge of Vyas, reflecting the historical past of this river.

This beautiful river has a total length of 460 km, giving rise to famous gorges of Kangra and Kullu. It flows with great velocity through these valleys to make way for picturesque views. Beas River has witnessed many historical events, which do not find mention in History.

However, it is a well-known fact that this river has given rise to a strange hill culture, which has diffused well into the life people living in surrounding areas.

Adventure sports such as trout fishing are popular in Kullu valley. Many tourists come here to enjoy white water rafting in the swift currents of Beas River. There are also numerous trek routes found in the valley around this river that attract adventure tourists all-round the year.

Tourists regard Beas River as the most valuable attraction of the Kullu Manali region. Beas is a huge river starting from Rohtang pass and as it passes it looks both majestic and pretty. While moving towards Amritsar it becomes quiet and calm. The beauty of the river is truly admirable and beyond words.

How to Reach Beas River

By Air

Bhuntar Airport at Kullu is easiest way to get to River Beas. From Kullu tourists drive to Rohtang Pass, which is the base point to enjoy Beas River. Flight from Archana Airways and Jagson Airways fly from Delhi to Kullu and Shimla to Kullu.
Kullu to Rohtang pass is about 100 km.

By Rail

Chandigarh is the closest railway station. It is 320 km away.

By Road

One can get to Rohtang Pass from Chandigarh, Shimla and Manali.


Beas River is found in the lap of Himalayas and the weather conditions here are similar to Europe. Its pleasant climatic condition has made it one of the top most tourist destinations in India. People from around the globe come to Himachal to enjoy the delight of Rohtang Pass and Beas River.

Lowest temperature of 4°C is observed in the months of December and January. There is mild snowfall in winter months adding to the scenic beauty of this place.

Summer months last from May to August with temperature ranging from 25°C to 37°C. Monsoon is experienced in the months of July and August with 15cm of monthly rainfall.

Best Time to Visit

Though there is flow of tourists all year round, the most suitable time to visit Beas River is during the months of September and October. The climate during these months is exceptionally pleasant.

Where to stay

Beas River is a hot spot for tourists coming throughout the year. Therefore many exotic and luxurious hotels and resorts are found here.

Hotel Beas View

Close to River Beas, this hotel has a unique location because of its proximity to the river and to the city. This way it is away from the hustle-bustle of city life and yet, close to modernity. It gives special attention to guests to emphasize on their comfort.

Hotel Apple Country Resorts

This is a beautiful and luxurious resort providing all modern facilities to its guests. The uniqueness of this hotel lies in the fact that it is perched atop a mountain. Tourists can enjoy lush green valley and a lazy river around the resort.

Hotel Banon Resorts Manali

This hotel is designed in a manner that it has a unique blend of style and comfort along with the feeling of ancient cultural heritage. Tourists here enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Beas River
Beas River
Beas River
Beas River
Beas River
Beas River

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