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Chenab River

Amongst the five tributary rivers of the river Indus, the lifeline of Pakistan, the Chenab River is one of the tributary rivers. It is one of the major rivers of Jammu and Kashmir, the prominent north Indian state.  The river flows west through Jammu and Kashmir>, between the steep cliffs of the Shivalik Hills and the Lesser Himalayas. The river acts as a confluence between the two countries India and Pakistan as it flows in Punjab in Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir in India. India and the neighboring country Pakistan is blessed with the rich water bodies, Indus being the famous one which contains five of its basic tributaries. As the river is surrounded with beautiful tourist’s places, it remains a tourist’s icon all throughout the year.Looking into the history of the river Chenab, we come to know that the river Chenab was a discovery made by the Indians in the Vedic era, the name of Chenab in that period was Chandrabhaga also called Ashkini and Iskmati in Sanskrit. The famous Uch Sharif or the Mithankot or Chacharan in Pakistan was one of the famous forts that were founded by Alexander the Great allegedly on the Indus. The town is famous amongst the tourists who come to India for a visit owing to its historical significance.

The Significance of Chenab River

The Chenab River is considered to be one of the most important water resources for both India and Pakistan. The river Chenab has got a very strong chain of devotees and consciousness of the Punjab people and is said to be the iconic Punjabi river. The river Chenab plays a very pivotal role in the tale of the love icons, HeerRanjha and the legendry epical story of sohnimahiwal.

The river Chenab is one of the beautiful rivers of the north along which the famous civilization the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization once thronged. The river is an iconic landmark, and is surrounded by beautiful physical features such as the mountainous peaks of the great Himalayas. The river being a mountainous river and it its first action course looks extraordinarily beautiful with sweeping volume of milky water down from the cliffs and valleys.

How to Reach Chenab River

By Air

The nearest airport is the Satwari Airport which connects the state to the country and rest of the world

By Rail

The closest railway station is the one at Jammu Tavy, Chenab River lies at an accessible distance from Jammu Tavy

By Road

The nearby cities to the Chenab river include Jammu, Sialkot city and Udhampur. One can safely reach river Chenab by means of local road transport form any of these cities.

Climatic Conditions

The state experiences temperate to moderate weather around the year. Being surrounded by some of the world’s highest peaks which remain snow covered throughout the year, the weather is generally cool, with moderately cool days and chilly nights.  The weather here is asharp contrast to the one experienced in the plains. The diurnal range of temperature is not very high.

Best Time to Visit

Autumns and spring are possibly the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh.  Plan a trip around this season to enjoy the aesthetic charm of the place at its best and most authentic form. The best time for visiting the place remains ,April to July in summers and September to November in autumn months.

Where to stay

KC residency

KC residency is one of the best accommodations in Himachal Pradesh. According to the reviews bagged by the tourists, they had a good living experience in the hotel. With good and spacious rooms, there is hardly any doubt about the food being served. Besides, the staff and the managing people are very hospitable and cooperative. For the devotees who wish to visit the holy city of mata vaishno Devi, the KC residency is the perfect area to accommodate them.

Aamod at Dalhousie

Aamod as the name specifies is one of the most beautiful hotels nestled in the snow covered peaks of the great Himalayas. With the iconic view of the sharp and white snowy peaks of the mountain region and a picturesque beauty spread across the belt of Himachal, the hotel is a perfect leisure for all those who have planned their trip to enjoy the leisure time in the best possible manner. With the host of facilities availableon board and world’s most amiable hotel staff, you shall definitely enjoy your stay at the aamod hotel. You are going to create a different set of memories here, no doubt.

Swan Group of Houseboats, Golden Dal Lake

Contact Details

0pposite Hotel City Deltop, Boulevard Road, 110001 Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Group of House Boat Golden Crest

Contact details

Dal Lake, Ghat No. 12, 190001 Srinagar, India

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Chenab River
Chenab River
Chenab River
Chenab River
Chenab River
Chenab River

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