Arki Fort

This town was the former capital of the ancient hill-state of Baghal, which was founded by Raja AjaiDev during 1660-65 AD. Situated at a distance of 52 km from Shimla, Arki still has some monuments that represent the royal heritage of the former rulers.

Arki was the capital of the princely hill state of Baghal. RanaAjaiDev, a PanwarRajput founded it. The state was founded around 1643 and Arki was declared its capital by RanaSabha Chand in 1650.

The Arki Fort was built between 1800 and 1805 by RanaPrithvi Singh, a descendent of Sabha Chand. The fort was captured by the Gurkhas in 1806. RanaJagat Singh, the ruler of Baghal, had to take refuge in Nalagarh. The Gurkha General Amar Singh Thapa made use of Arki to further the advances in Himachal Pradesh, from 1806 to 1815. RanaRanaJagat Singh got back the control of Arki afterwards.


Arki still has some monuments that represent the royal heritage of the former rulers.

It presents a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles and shows a heavy influence of Rajasthan. In 1850, Raja Kishen Chand added the stunning frescoes and murals done in the 'Pahari School' of miniature paintings. These frescoes are supposed to be the most precise record of the contemporary lifestyle in the nearby hills of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. In general, they can be classified as decorative floral designs, paintings that present pure fantasies straight from the artists' minds and paintings inspired by the scenic beauty of the hills.

There are many temples in Arki that attract tourists from all parts of the country. Among them, Durga Temple, LuturuMahadev Temple, and ShakhniMahadev Temple are the most prominent. Located at a distance of 4 km from Arki, the LuturuMahadev Temple is very popular and is devoted to the Hindu God Shiva. The king of Baghal built it in 1621. Travelers interested in exploring Arki can also visit the Durga Temple, which is renowned for ‘Shikhara’ style of architecture.

Arki Fort and Arki Palace, represent the heritage of progressive Baghal Kingdom.

Arki is known for its caves and cave temples among which LutruMahadev and MutruMahadev are very famous.


Arki is a major tourist destination located in the district of Solan, Himachal Pradesh, situated at a distance of 52 km from Shimla.

It is located at 31°09′N 76°58′E31.15°N 76.97°E / 31.15; 76.97. It has an average elevation of 1045 meters (3428 feet).

Arki is located in the Siwalik range of Himalaya mountains.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to reach at Arki Fort is the Jubbarhatti Airport, which is located at a distance of 40 kilometer far off from this fort. Visitors from all parts of India can hail here by various domestic flights that are operated here. The foreigners can take flight to Delhi International Airport first. After landing to Delhi, one has to take flight to Jubbarhatti airport in Himachal Pradesh. After hailing here, you can hire a taxi to reach at the Arki Fort and this will cost you around Rs. 600 INR.

Another option to get at this place by airways is to get down at Chandigarh airport and from there you can catch any of the road vehicles to reach Arki, which lies around 90 kilometers far away. From Chandigarh to the fort, the taxi fare will charge you around Rs. 900 INR. Both the Jubbarhatti and Chandigarh airport well connects to major cities like Delhi, and some of the other parts of India. Following are the option that visitors can select to tour by airways. They are Shimla Domestic Airport (13 kilometer), Chandigarh Domestic Airport (56 kilometer), Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi (281 kilometer), and ChatarapatiShivaji International Airport of Mumbai (1419 kilometer).

By Road

Being the most visited holiday destination, Himachal Pradesh features various local transportation facilities to travel by road. State and private buses, taxis, and hired cars or jeeps are also offered for tourist to experience a private and comfortable journey to Arki Fort. Various state buses run within the state passing through all small towns and major cities of Himachal Pradesh state. Regular bus services are available to Dharampur which is located at a distance of 30 kilometer far off from Arki Fort. There are even private taxis that are available from Dharampur city and directly heads to Arki. Traveling by taxi is the most expensive mode of transport which will cost you over Rs. 600 INR, but is relatively comfortable to have a great journey while exploring the beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kalka, which is located at a distance of 73 kilometer far off from Arki Fort. There are very few trains or expresses that are operated by the Indian Railways, which well connects to all major cities of Himachal Pradesh and also the country. Some of the trains depart from Delhi Railway Station, which passes through various important cities of the state as well as India, due to meter gauge rail line. Once you get off from the trains, intercity bus or taxi services can be availed just outside the Kalka railway station and near railhead stations too. It will take around Rs. 900 INR. from Kalka railhead station to Arki Fort. It may seem expensive; however, is a better option to explore the cities of Himachal Pradesh by road. Though intercity bus services can be availed at the cheapest rates, they are quite uncomfortable.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists traveling to Arki can enjoy the pleasurable atmosphere and cheer the scenic beauty of the nature.

It can be best enjoyed in the months of July and August, when moderate rainfall is present.

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Arki Fort
Arki Fort
Arki Fort
Arki Fort
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