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At a distance of 19 kilometre from Manali and 20 from Kullu lies the quite serene and yet quite untouched Katrain. The view of the Beas River cannot be compared or better from any other place than that experienced from Katrain. The place is also known for it being the widest point in the Kullu Valley. The Baragarh peak towering at 3,325 meter overlooks the valley of Katrain.

The area is not as cold as Manali being about 5 degrees lesser and therefore opens to tourists for nearly the whole year round. Other tourist attraction is the fruit plantations and apple orchards that abound the area. Bee-keeping is a sport that is also practiced here quite intensively.

With the Bipasa River flowing at close proximity anglers or individuals who have a passion for the sport of fishing would find this detached place a perfect one to further their interest. A trout hatchery is located nearby to Katrain.

About Katrain in Himachal Pradesh

Under the Naggar Tehsil of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh the village of Katrain is situated. It is about 4 km from Naggar and 131 KM from the state capital Shimla. The other Tehsils that surround Katrain are the Kullu in the South, Spiti in the East, Drnag in North and Chautra in the West.

The location has good and sufficient accommodation set up by the Himachal Tourism department and therefore offers a good place for making as base camp for going to other nearby places of interest. There is Kasol which is close by located on the banks of Paravati River. Largi is another spot where fishing enthusiasts can pursue their sport avidly. A Cave where Arjun was supposed to have meditated is also located nearby and the Basheshwar Mahadev temple that is supposed to have been built in eth 8th Century is also a place of interest close to Katrain.

Reaching Katrain is by road only after coming by rail to Shimla. The other closes railway station to Katrain is about 10 km away.

Fishing in Katrain

Bipasa River flows close to the Katrain village and offers the best spots for trout fishing in the area. It is easy to get permits for the same in the area. The water in the area is crystal clear and the scenic beauty adds to the anglers’ joy while indulging in their favoured sporting activity. Fishing lovers would find both the Brown and Rainbow Trout in this area. The upstream regions of Himachal are well known for the abundance and availability of these two sport fish. The Himachal Government have also added their bit to ensure this sport is given its due making the region a fishing sport lovers den.

Permit is required to be applied for and obtained from the government department. The procedure however is quite simple and not much hassle is created for giving the permit. Permit for Trout fishing is only for using the rod and line and not the net. ]

Best Time for Fishing in Katrain

The region has a tourist season that is all year round given the temperatures are slightly higher than that in Manali. However for trout fishing the best times are in the months of March to October. The other type of fish that can be found in the waters here are the Mahaseer species. It is said that the months which have the letter ‘r’ in them are best for fishing the Mahaseer. That makes the months of January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December apt for fishing for Mahaseer.


The months of March to August are very pleasant when light clothes are all that is required to be worn in this place. The night temperatures are also very pleasant. Anglers could live out in tents also close to their fishing spots and enjoy the thrills of their sport to the maximum.


During the months of October to February, even though it may not be as chill as in Manali yet the temperatures at night go to sub zero. Fishing lovers can use this time in the day for fishing too specially so if it is for Mahaseer type of fish. They would however require heavy woollens to sustain the low temperatures in the region.

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