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Chandertal Lake

Chandertal Lake is a dreamer’s abode where one can immerse in tranquillity. Located at an altitude of 4300m in the Himalayas, this lake is part of Lahul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Chandertal means ‘lake on the moon’ and one can easily see a reflection of the moon forming a silhouette on the beautiful lake during evenings. The lake thus aptly named is one of the exotic places in Himachal. It offers breathtaking and serene scenic beauty to repose. This lake is also a favourite spot among trekkers and mountaineers.  Chronicles suggest that Chandertal is the place where Lord Indra on his chariot escorted Yudishtra (eldest brother of the Pandavas) to heaven in his mortal form.

People get magnetized to this place because of its peaceful and unmatched beauty compared to any other place in Himachal or in India. The spring season helps blossom plenty of wild flowers that carpet the surrounding areas of the lake. The lake is accessible by foot from either Batal or Kunzum Pass. It is an 8km trek from Kunzum Pass and can also be reached by driving via Batal (16km) depending on road conditions. The road is not advisable to drive before August. People generally prefer Chandertal to camp on its bank. There are a few camping sites that can be found on the periphery of this area. Tourists and trekkers generally avoid winters because the lake freezes and temperatures dip below sub zero temperatures.

How to Reach Chandertal Lake

The nearest airport is located at Bhuntar near Kullu and Jabbar airport near Shimla. Possible routes may be either Delhi-Kullu-Manali-Rohtang La-Gramphoo-Chattru-Battal-Chandertal or Delhi-Shimla-Narkanda-Karcham- Nako – Tabo- Kaza – Kunzum la - Chandertal. Nearest railway station is at Joginder Nagar railway station (50km from Manali). In order to reach the lake people have to trek about 8km from Kunzum pass.


Winters are very cold and freezing.  Temperatures can touch below -15oC. Summer (April- June) is also cold, but right time for trekkers. There is a high probability of snowing in the winters and also some snowing can be witnessed in other seasons too.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is between June and October. The lake remains frozen on winters.

Where to stay

Hotel Chanderbhaga

It’s a Himachal tourism hotel located on the Manali- Leh highway in Keylong. The hotel offers basic amenities and comfortable accommodation within budget.

Hotel SpitiKaza

It is a recently built hotel and is located adjacent to Spiti valley. It is named after the Spitiriver and is a modest place that offers a warm stay for tourists and trekkers. It offers a great scenic view and a fresh cultural outlook to tourists.

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Chandertal Lake
Chandertal Lake
Chandertal Lake
Chandertal Lake
Chandertal Lake
Chandertal Lake

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