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Baspa River

Bapsa River is one of the most scenic rivers of Himalayas since it is loaded with culture, history and nature. This river gave rise to the famous and beautiful Baspa Valley. Ahead of this valley lies Chung Sakhago Pass, which has many glaciers to add to its beauty.

Baspa River originates in Baspa Hills and joins Sutlej River later. The valley adjacent to this river is covered with huge oak and pine forests, which is the essence of the natural beauty of this place.

Lower side of the valley is covered with green fields, meadows and pastures. This soothing river and its greenery make this place truly mesmerising. Tourists get picturesque views of the surrounding villages of the Himalayan region. This place is also regarded as anglers’ heaven because of the vast variety of fishes found here.

Baspa River is a big attraction for campers and trekkers. Tourists can cross the river in a basket, which is a unique kind of ride amongst such beautiful hills.

Tourists coming here mainly love to engage in sightseeing. Food and shopping becomes secondary when tourists come to Baspa Valley because the beauty of the place enchants them. Lazing is the best thing to do around this beautiful river.

How to Reach Baspa River

It is a 9 hour drive from Delhi to Chail (375 km). During the journey tourists enjoy the many spots of natural beauty and exotic views of famous Himalayan peaks.

After an overnight stay one can leave from Chail to Sangla to cover another 250 km. At Sangla tourists enjoy the beauty of Baspa River, which is further surrounded by massive and bounteous mountains. The tranquillity and peace of this river add beauty to the region, giving it a paradisiacal look.

The nearest airport for Baspa River is Shimla. Shimla to Chail is about 48 km of drive.


Baspa River experiences moderate climate during summers unlike the plains. It is located in the Himalayan ranges therefore experiences cool temperatures during winters and around monsoons. Surrounding mountains are covered with snow even if you visit it in summers. Winters here last from October to May. Summers are short from June to September.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists get attracted to the wide variety of flora and fauna surrounding this region. April to October is regarded as the best time to visit Baspa River because the climate is mild and soothing. Beauty of the place is enhanced during the monsoon season, especially in Baspa Valley.

Where to Stay

Resorts and hotels are easily found near Sangla. Accommodation is easy to get and affordable in this region. Some of the popular hotels here are:

Hotel Golden Apple

It is a luxurious hotel located in midst of apple orchards in the great ranges of the Himalayas. Tourists can enjoy great scenic views from their room as the hotel is located at an altitude of 2950 m. It offers good food and other necessary services for convenience of tourists.

Banjara Camp and Retreat

It is a luxurious camp frequented by tourists for adventure in the lap of Himalayan ranges. Tourists can enjoy views of the valley around this camp, which is full of apple orchards and conifer trees. Food is deemed to be delicious here and the staff is helpful.

Apple Orchard Farm

This is an abode of clean and well-maintained tents. The tents are spacious and they offer facilities of lights, attached bathrooms and geysers in the tents. Tourists staying here can enjoy the music of Baspa River flowing along with smell of orchards that perfume the air. Food is tasty and economical.

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Baspa River
Baspa River
Baspa River
Baspa River
Baspa River
Baspa River

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